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We know you have a lot on your plate. That's why we're here to help you keep your products top of mind with webinars and webcasts that are easy to create and manage, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Key Financial Services Webinar and Webcast Stats


After a webinar, over 50% of viewers often engage by watching extra content, or downloading resources.


Webinars are employed by 60% of financial businesses to cultivate customer loyalty.


49% of B2B buyers will engage with video content prior to making their buying decision.


Webinars that are excessively focused on marketing or too sales-oriented deter 80% of potential buyers. 

Most Asked Finance Industry Webinar Questions

What are the best practices for ensuring data security and privacy during financial webinars?

Prioritize data security by using encrypted communication platforms and restricting access to authorized participants only. Implement additional security measures like password protection, two-factor authentication, and regular updates to the latest security protocols. Additionally, ensure all financial data shared during the webinar is handled compliant with relevant regulations such as GDPR or other regional privacy laws to safeguard sensitive information.

How can we effectively promote and market our financial and insurance webinars to attract the right audience?

Tailor your marketing strategy to reach the target audience by utilizing platforms like LinkedIn, industry-specific forums, and webinar email campaigns focused on financial and insurance professionals. Craft compelling, informative content addressing industry challenges, and emphasize the value and practical insights attendees will gain from the webinar. Collaborate with industry influencers or experts to endorse and share the webinar, ultimately attracting the right audience seeking relevant financial and insurance expertise.

How can we balance promotional content with educational content in insurance webinars without appearing overly sales-focused?

Aim to prioritize educational value by focusing on solving problems and providing useful insights in the insurance field. Incorporate case studies, real-life scenarios, and expert tips to educate your audience, while subtly integrating how your services or products address common industry challenges. Emphasize the educational content, framing product or service mentions as solutions within the context of the informative material, maintaining a balanced and valuable webinar without coming across as overly sales-oriented.

Webinar Features Most Loved by Financial Services

Industry Compliant Broadcasting Formats for Webinars and Webcasts

Users have comprehensive control over their webinar content, offering a seamless and compliant broadcasting solution that aligns with financial industry standards. The flexibility in offering simulive, live, or on-demand webinar setups further tailors the experience, balancing regulatory adherence with the dynamic demands of webinars.

AAFMAA financial services webinar template

CPD Webinar Certification & Knowledge Sharing

Use live and on-demand webinar content to connect with customers and other industry experts; share market insights while highlighting your product and service strengths. Then use data insights from your webinars and webcasts to understand what makes your audience tick and learn how you can improve retention. WorkCast's CPD Webinars offer automated certification issuance based on predefined criteria.

CPD Webinar Certification for financial industry

Branded Webinar Experiences

WorkCast has a collection of ready-to-use, fully customisable webinar templates designed to showcase your brand effortlessly. Unleash the power of your unique identity by easily applying your branding to create stunning webinars in just 2 minutes.

Branded financial webinar library template

Enhancing Your Webinar Experience with Expert Support

😄 Self Serve

Create webinars out of the box in under 2 minutes, knowing that you have the right knowledge at your fingertips.

😄 Monitored

Our monitored event services mean someone is there when you need them most - during your live webinar. Giving you the confidence you need to run your webinar.

🙋‍♀️ Managed

Take the stress out of webinars with your own dedicated event coordinator to oversee your live event and help run any technical rehearsals with your presenters.

Finance Webinar FAQs

What are the compliance and regulatory requirements for running webinars in the finance and insurance industry?

Ensuring compliance is crucial in the finance and insurance industry. WorkCast provides comprehensive control over content, offering a seamless and compliant broadcasting solution aligned with industry standards. Whether you choose simulive, live, or on-demand setups, our webinar platform helps balance regulatory adherence with the dynamic demands of webinars in the highly regulated finance and insurance sectors.

What strategies can we use to engage and interact with our audience during financial and insurance webinars?

Engaging your audience is essential. WorkCast's fully customizable webinar templates allow you to showcase your brand effortlessly, creating a visually appealing experience. Live polls, Q&A sessions, and interactive webinar features within our templates enable real-time engagement, making financial and insurance webinars more interactive and valuable for your audience.

What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics we should track to measure the success of financial and insurance webinars?

Tracking success is vital. WorkCast provides analytics to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as attendance, engagement, and participant feedback. These insights help you assess the impact of your financial and insurance webinars, allowing you to refine your strategies for future events.

How do we create webinar content that is informative and valuable without violating industry regulations?

Creating valuable webinar content while staying compliant is essential. WorkCast empowers you to develop informative content through customizable webinar template experiences. Our webinar platform ensures that your financial and insurance content adheres to industry regulations, providing a secure and reliable environment for your webinar audience.

What are the best practices for handling sensitive topics or discussing investment strategies in financial webinars?

Handling sensitive topics requires finesse. WorkCast's webinar platform allows you to control the narrative with a variety of webinar types (simulive, on-demand and live), offering a secure space with lockable and password-protected webinar auditoriums for discussing investment strategies in financial webinars. Ensure transparency, stick to facts, and leverage interactive features for audience engagement while maintaining professionalism.

How do we handle live financial data and calculations during webinars to ensure accuracy and reliability?

Accuracy is paramount. WorkCast ensures reliable handling of live financial data and calculations. Our webinar platform is designed to support real-time data integration, providing a secure environment to present accurate financial information during webinars.

What are the ethical considerations and potential conflicts of interest when presenting financial information in webinars?

WorkCast encourages transparency and compliance. When presenting financial information, disclose any potential conflicts of interest and adhere to ethical standards. Our webinar platform supports your commitment to ethical communication, fostering trust with your audience.

What are the best ways to follow up with attendees and nurture leads after financial and insurance webinars?

WorkCast offers post-webinar engagement tools. Send personalized emails, share recorded content, and collect feedback to build lasting relationships with attendees after financial and insurance webinars.

What are the legal considerations when using copyrighted materials, proprietary data, or third-party content in financial and insurance webinars?

WorkCast encourages a responsible approach, urging users to obtain proper permissions and licenses for any copyrighted material. Ensure compliance with data protection regulations when handling proprietary data. Additionally, provide clear attribution for third-party content and stay informed about usage restrictions. WorkCast's webinar platform is designed to support your commitment to legal and ethical standards, offering a secure environment for presenting content responsibly in your webinars.

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