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What is a Live Webinar & How Does it Work?

Live webinars are an essential tool in any marketer’s toolbox. Where on-demand webinars are available to view anytime, live webinars are just that - streamed live to your audience.

Despite the nerve-inducing nature of broadcasting live to an audience, live webinars are renowned for their interactivity - as attendees can interact with presenters in real-time. Unlike with on-demand, attendees can participate in polls, fill out surveys, ask questions and chat with the host, live and in real-time. All of this maximizes attendance, with over 60% of attendees viewing your webinar live rather than on-demand, drives engagement and increases audience retention.

This is why live webinars are the gold standard for lead generation - as engaged attendees are more likely to convert. In fact, viewers of live webinars drive 47% more engagement than any other type of online event.


Why Choose Live Webinars with WorkCast?

  • Between 2-5% of webinar attendees will buy something from you, so maximize your ROI and reduce your marketing spend
  • Increase webinar viewing time by 50%, as live attendees are more likely to watch your webinar in its entirety
  • Boost engagement by 47% by interacting with webinar attendees in real-time via live polls, surveys, chat and more
  • 92% of webinar attendees want a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar, so keep your attendees engaged and satisfied
  • Attract 50% more attendees to your live webinar than on-demand
  • Access live engagement data and analytics as it happens, so you can maximize your webinar results

WorkCast take the stress out of webinars, so that you can focus on the more important stuff - like engaging your attendees. Try WorkCast for free today.

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Live Webinar FAQs

Core Capabilities


WorkCast was built for video so you can easily incorporate and play video during your webinar presentation and broadcast to any device.

Webinar Branding

Our seamless webinar branding capabilities mean there is no break in the brand experience for your audience.

Audience Engagement

Polls, surveys, questionnaires, chats, Q&As, and more means your webinars are interactive and your audience is engaged.

Cloud Based

WorkCast’s innovative cloud-based technology means your webinars can be accessed on any device.

Powerful Integrations

HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua and more. No matter what platform you use, WorkCast can provide seamless webinar data integration.

Reporting & Analytics

Real time webinar analytics and comprehensive reporting data mean you can identify the hottest prospects for your sales team.

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