Integrations Marketplace

Tap into your event data and unlock a world of customizable integrations. Connect WorkCast with your favourite apps and make sharing information across your entire tech infrastructure faster than Usain Bolt.

WorkCast API

The WorkCast  RESTful API allows you to register attendees, and access all your reporting data.


Feed registration and attendance data directly to contact lists within your HubSpot account.


Through event programs and child smart campaigns  you can obtain registration and attendance data.

Google Drive

Syncing Google Drive files and data bi-directionally with your go-to software apps has never been easier.

Google Sheets

Integrate Google Sheets to connect to any API, database, webhook, and more.


With the ability to market and share your existing registration pages, you can pass registration and access infomation direct to your WorkCast events.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations couldn’t be easier which connect services without the need for separate integration tools.

Microsoft Azure

With combinations of cloud products and services easily connect to Microsoft Azure.


Configure event confirmation, reminder and notification emails to run from within your own Mailchimp account.


Configure event confirmation, reminder and notification emails to run from within your own Mailgun account.

Oracle Eloqua

Associate a campaign and two external activities to push registration and attendance data.


Webinar registration and attendance data can update Lead/Contact activity records directly within your Salesforce account.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud gives the opportunity to analyse event data to help launch campaigns.

Salesforce Pardot

Using prospect segmentation lists you can obtain registration and attendance information for your events.

Microsoft Power BI

Create and modify event data reports and dashboards easily inside your Microsoft Power BI account.


Easily integrate your event registration and attendance data directly within your Pipedrive CRM.


Make feedback automated and actionable by connecting to your webinar data.


Make the most of Slack's many features, including creating channels, using modal pop-ups and alerts, and even sharing data via Slack webhook.

Can't spot your app? 

We’re constantly adding to and expanding our integration marketplace. Please contact us if yours is not yet on the list.

Event Integrations FAQs

How do integrations with WorkCast work?

WorkCast utilizes the APIs from marketing and CRM platforms such as Marketo and Salesforce allowing you to integrate user data, activity, responses and calls-to-action seamlessly. This allows you to improve campaign follow-up and nurturing for both your marketing and sales teams.

What if I don’t find an app I want to connect with?

Not to worry! We’re working on expanding our integrations marketplace all the time behind the scenes. Reach out to our sales team to find out if your favourite app is next.

What can integrations help me with?

Integrations are like magic. You can set them up with your favorite apps and watch them do things behind the scenes that make your life easier. For example, you can:

  • Save time: Automate tasks that would have been a manual marathon previously
  • Save money: Connect with other platforms so that they seamlessly work together without any additional work on your end.
  • Improve your workflows: By integrating different platforms into one seamless experience, you are able to complete your tasks faster than ever before while still getting all of the great benefits you were looking for in each individual tool separately!
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