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Ramp up engagement, generate leads, share expertise, grow your business, and most importantly - create memorable experiences for your audience, wherever they are with WorkCast's powerful webinar platform. 

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What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar that allows you, or a presenter, to connect with your audience and share information online. ‘Web’ + ‘seminar’ = ‘webinar’. 

Webinars normally take the form of a presentation and often combine PowerPoint slides, webcams, a screenshare, pre-recorded mp4s, and accompanying audio. They can be presented live, simulive, or on-demand. Webinars can be used for corporate communications, lead generation, product demonstrations and so much more! 

WorkCast Offers Four Main Types Of Webinars

Your Webinar, Your Way. No matter what your webinar aims are, we've got a set-up to suit your needs that'll also look ridiculously good.

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Give Your Audience a Better Webinar Experience

With WorkCast webinars, you can create engaging experiences that deliver results.


Generate Leads

73% of marketers say webinars are the best way to generate quality leads. 

✔️ Optimized Templates
✔️ Powerful Engagement Tools
✔️ Integrate With Your CRM


Global Reach

Browser-based technology removes barriers for you and your attendees. 

✔️ Global Audiences
✔️ Thousands of Attendees
✔️ Available On Any Device



Webinars that fit you and your business. 

✔️ Live, Simulive, and On-Demand
✔️ Self-Service Options
✔️ Premium Support Available



✔️ Seamless Brand Experiences

Create webinars that are on brand and optimized to convert.

✔️ Expanded Reach

Host webinars of thousands, reaching your audience whenever they are, so you can reach your lead generation targets.

✔️ Actionable Insights

Comprehensive, real-time data integrated directly with your tech stack so you can understand how your audience interacts with your content.

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Knowledge Sharing

✔️Powerful Engagement Tools

Create immersive experiences with our engagement wall, polls and surveys, screen share and more. 

✔️Resource at Your Fingertips

Attach resources directly in your webinars.


Create CPD programs, complete with certificates for your attendees.

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Corporate Communications

✔️ Scale Your Engagement

Reach thousands of attendees and engage with them at scale.

✔️ Secure and Reliable

Hosted on AWS, you can be confident your webinars will be secure and run without issue.

✔️ Powerful Integrations

Data that flows right into your CRM so you can keep track of your important data.

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Why Choose the WorkCast Webinar Platform?

Enterprise-level service and software. Whatever events you run. WorkCast's online event solutions are feature-packed and flex with you to suit your exact business needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering an industry-leading level of service and support.

Webinar FAQs

What is a webinar and how does it work?

A webinar is an online seminar that allows you, or a presenter, to connect with your audience and share information online. Simply put, webinar means: web + seminar = webinar.

Webinars are either live or on-demand events and take place on the internet in the form of a presentation, discussion, lecture or conference. Using a combination of assets, webinars use of slides, webcams, a screenshare, pre-recorded MP4s and accompanying audio. 

Webinars can be used for corporate communications, lead generation, product demonstrations and more. They reach audiences ranging from one person to thousands of people. Audiences sign-up using a registration form, then attend either a live or pre-recorded event.

How do I host a webinar?

When it comes to hosting your own webinar, you can create a webinar from scratch in 10 easy steps:

  1. Choose your organizer, presenter and moderator
  2. Select your webinar format i.e. presentation, discussion, Q&A, etc
  3. Design your assets and video for your webinar
  4. Select your webinar platform, like WorkCast
  5. Set up your webinar presentation in the right environment with suitable equipment
  6. Promote your webinar using social media, email marketing, landing pages, and website banners
  7. Choose the best day and time to run your webinar for maximum attendance
  8. Select your topic and create engaging content to captivate your audience
  9. Practice, practice, practice - do several dry runs
  10. Follow up with your audience post-webinar and send them a follow-up email with a link to the recorded webinar to extend its shelf life
What are the benefits of webinars?

People often ask: “What’s the purpose of a webinar?” Webinars are powerful tools for marketers and present many advantages. The top 3 benefits of webinars include the following:

  1. Increase your engagement
    Webinars allow you to interact with your audience and have meaningful two-way communication, rather than just talking at them. Your audience can ask questions, answer polls and engage directly with you in real-time.
  2. Supercharge your lead generation 
    Webinars are an effective way to increase your lead generation. By presenting on a topic relevant to your industry, you’ll not only position your company as a thought leader, but you’ll also introduce new leads to your business.
  3. Awesome brand experience 
    Webinars help you to make your brand stand out. Great webinars should be fully customizable, so you can create a fun and engaging brand experience for your audience.

Are webinars effective?

“Are webinars effective?” The short answer: yes. Measuring the ROI of webinars can be difficult at times, however, webinars increase audience engagement, boost your lead generation and create awesome brand experiences for your attendees. You’re essentially building trust with your audience and creating value for lead prospects throughout the entire customer journey - from awareness to closed deal.

Webinars are effective as they help to generate sales for businesses by generating high-quality leads that your sales team can later use to initiate personalized outreach.

As long as marketers understand how to best utilize webinars, then companies can continue to use this cost-effective B2B marketing tool successfully in the future.

How much does WorkCast cost and what packages do you have?

Whatever your business goals, or budget, we have a price and package to suit your needs.

Our Solo package is for those who want to date us before they commit long-term (don’t worry, we promise we’ll pull out all the stops). Solo gives you a launchpad to learn WorkCast’s best practices and experiment with all the fun things our platform can do for three months. You’ll have access to key platform features, one branded template, access for one user, an attendee capacity of up to 500, and premium support.

Our Lite self-service package gives you all the essentials you need to create webinars that pack a punch. Lite enables you to run live and on-demand webinars using our platform for up to 500 attendees. Lite gives you an all-access pass for our platform features, plus one branded template, access for two users, and leading integration capabilities with popular SAAS tools.

Our Pro package is a step up from Lite. It’s packed with all of the platform features you get with Lite, but with a few extras. Pro users benefit from three branded templates, an attendee capacity of up to 5000, one webinar library, access for five users, and leading integration capabilities with popular SAAS tools.

Our Enterprise package is crafted to meet your needs to an absolute tee. Think ice cream sundae. You choose your favourite flavours, sauces, sprinkles, cream, and any kind of fruit you want on top. It’s bespoke, it’s unique, and it’s made just for you. 

We build our packages to suit your exact needs so you will need to contact our sales team for a quote.

Can I try WorkCast for free?

Absolutely. You can get hands-on experience with our 14-day free trial. You’ll be able to experiment with our platform features, have a go at creating a webinar, and get your teeth into our data and analytics capabilities.

Can I get a free demo of WorkCast?

Absolutely. You can request a free demo with one of our experts who will take you through our platform and show you how it works.

I want to purchase a one off webinar. Can I pay per use?

Yes, you can. Our Solo package is pay-per-use and gives you 3-month access to create, run, and report on your webinar.

Can I purchase an annual license for WorkCast?

Yes, you can. Our Lite, Pro, and Enterprise packages are offered as annual licenses which can be paid monthly.

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