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WorkCast's webinar platform was created in 2008 as a solution to a problem: how do we make webinars that are easy to use and as simple to scale as video? 

Since then, WorkCast has run over 8,000 events for more than 1 million attendees across 20 countries. We have worked with some of the world's biggest and fastest growing companies - such as Sony, NHS, AutoDesk, Bombora and more - to deliver webinars for thousands of attendees. These events were run as both standalone webinars for mass communication and as part of Enterprise-level virtual events, such as virtual conferences, open days and more. 

Our cloud-based webinar hosting platform is secure and requires no plugins, downloads or barriers, so you can easily host your webinar, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

What is a Webinar? 

A webinar is an online seminar that allows you, or a presenter, to connect with your audience and share information online. ‘Web’ + ‘seminar’ = ‘webinar’. 

Webinars normally take the form of a presentation and often combine PowerPoint slides, webcams, a screenshare, pre-recorded mp4s, and accompanying audio. They can be presented live, simulive, or on-demand. Webinars can be used for corporate communications, lead generation, product demonstrations and so much more! 

Types of Webinars

WorkCast currently offers four main types of webinars, including:

Webinar Formats

WorkCast currently offers three different webinar formats as part of our standard packages*:

  1. Slides and audio webinars
  2. Slides & screen share webinars
  3. Scheduled replay (simulive) webinars

*Bespoke or customized offerings are also available.  

Why Webinars with WorkCast?

  • 73% of B2B marketers agree that webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads, so power your lead generation strategy.
  • Between 2-5% of webinar attendees will buy something from you, so maximize your ROI and reduce your marketing spend.
  • Extend the reach of your brand by attracting a truly global audience.
  • Increase audience engagement by interacting with attendees in real-time via live polls, surveys, chat and Q&A.
  • Gather audience engagement data and insights in real-time to identify high intent prospects.
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and boost your credibility on a global scale.
  • Improve your internal communications, so that all business-critical information is shared with the right stakeholders.

Webinars aren't easy. But, WorkCast takes the stress out of webinars with premium support options, so you can focus on the more important stuff - like creating engaging content for your attendees. 

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Webinar FAQs

Core Capabilities


WorkCast was built for video so you can easily embed it in your presentation and broadcast to any device.


Our seamless branding capabilities mean there is no break in the brand experience for your audience.

Audience Engagement

Polls, surveys, questionnaires, chats, Q&As, and more means your webinars are interactive and your audience is engaged.

Cloud Based

WorkCast’s innovative cloud-based technology means your webinars can be accessed on any device.

Powerful Integrations

HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua and more. No matter what platform you use, WorkCast can provide seamless integration.

Reporting & Analytics

Real time analytics and comprehensive reporting data mean you can identify the hottest prospects for your sales team.

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