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Video webcasts are ideal for streaming town halls, product launches, company updates, panel discussions, and conferences. Create a seamless brand experience with WorkCast webcasts.

Live stream your events to the world with WorkCast. Your trusted video webcast platform provider.

Sony webcast on the WorkCast Platform

The benefits of video webcasts

  • Increase purchases by 144% by using webcasting for live product demonstrations.
  • Boost conversions by up to 86% using video and increase the lifetime value of your customers.
  • Cost-effective: minimize outgoings, like venue hire, equipment hire, catering, and more.
  • Increased engagement: attendees can interact with presenters in real-time with webcasting features such as polls and live chat.
  • Create a seamless brand experience for customers by utilizing our branding and customization capabilities.
  • Easily measure the success of your webcasts, with live data and analytics.
Sony webcasting through branded auditorium

Expanding reach and impact: Webcasting solutions

Our expert team will support you every step of the way, so you can bring your live streaming events to life online.

  • Webcasts for Conferences and Tradeshows - Increase the accessibility of your flagship annual conference by webcasting to a larger audience.
  • Webcasts for Product Launches - An ideal way to promote new products and incorporate engaging panel discussions.
  • Webcasts for Thought Leadership - An ideal way to promote sponsored webcasts and introduce guest speakers.
  • Webcasts can be Live, Simulive and On-demand - You can use a mixture of live, pre-recorded or on-demand content within your events.
Sony webcast via the WorkCast Platform

Core Webcasting Capabilities

Enterprise-level service and webcasting software. Whatever events you run. WorkCast's webcast solutions are feature-packed but flexible to suit your exact business needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering an industry-leading level of service and support.

Webcast FAQs

What is a webcast, and how does it work?

A webcast is a live video stream of an event or conference. Webcasts are polished, high-quality videos that bring your event to life on the internet.

Webcasts can be streamed live or on-demand and require your audience to tune in, watch your webcast video stream, and engage by submitting questions and participating in polls.

A webcast works by using broadcasting hardware to process the data being broadcast.

Then WorkCast's webcasting platform software ensures the audience can access the webcast on the device of their choosing. 

Learn more about how webcasts work and what they are with our Webcasting 101 blog.

What's the difference between a webinar and a webcast?

Webinars and webcasts are both referred to as online events and help presenters connect with audiences. But there are some key differences.

Webcasts are a great way to incorporate video content from a venue, or location where you may be presenting to a physical audience. You can expand the reach of the content via streaming it to an online audience that can interact, ask questions to presenters and engage with interactive polls and panel discussions.

Through webcasting, you can maximise your content's reach, and webcasting is ideal for product launches, thought leadership and panel discussions.

Learn more in our blog: Webinar vs Webcast: What's the Difference?

How do you run a webcast?

There are a few simple steps to follow when running a successful webcast.

Luckily, we've got a professional support team that can guide you all the way to creating a brilliant webcast for your business.

You'll find more information about how to run a webcast in our blog.

How do you host a live webcast?

Hosting or presenting any live event is a skill that's worth brushing up on.

Hosting a webcast brings its own challenges, even with years of experience speaking in front of audiences.

Check out our top ten tips for hosting a webcast.

Why video webcasts with WorkCast?

WorkCast's online event platform was created in 2008 as a solution to a common problem: how do we transition large-scale physical events to online events seamlessly, without compromising on customer experience or interaction?

Since then, WorkCast has run over 8,000 events for more than 1 million attendees across 20 countries.

We are a trusted webcast vendor for some of the world's biggest and fastest growing companies - such as Sony, NHS, Standard Life, AutoDesk, Bombora and more - to deliver Enterprise-level online events, college open days, product demonstrations and more for thousands of attendees.

Our cloud-based SaaS webcast software is secure, scalable and requires no plugins, downloads or barriers, so you can easily live stream your event anywhere, anytime, on any device.

How much does WorkCast cost & what packages do you have?

Whatever your business goals, or budget, we have a price and package to suit your needs.


Our Business self-service plan gives you all the essentials you need to create webinars that pack a punch. Lite enables you to run live and on-demand webinars. Business gives you an all-access pass for our platform features, plus one branded template, access for two users, and leading integration capabilities with popular SAAS tools.

Business Pro

Our Business Pro package is a step up from Business. It’s packed with all of the platform features you get with Business but with a few extras. Business Pro users benefit from three branded templates, a registration capacity of up to 5000, one webinar library, access for five users, and leading integration capabilities with popular SAAS tools.


Our Enterprise plan is crafted to meet your needs to an absolute tee. Think ice cream sundae. You choose your favourite flavours, sauces, sprinkles, cream, and any kind of fruit you want on top. It’s bespoke, it’s unique, and it’s made just for you.


We build our plans to suit your exact needs so you will need to contact our sales team for a quote.

I want to purchase a one-off webcast. Can I pay per use?

WorkCast has multiple online event plans to suit your business needs. The short answer is yes, you can pay per use.

If you wish to purchase a one-off managed webcast you can speak to one of our webcast experts to discuss your online event requirements, so that we can give you a quote.

In the meantime, you can get a free demo of WorkCast to determine whether our platform is suitable for your business needs.

Can I try WorkCast for free?

If you’re still deciding whether WorkCast is the right webinar platform for you and your business, then you’ll be happy to know that you can try WorkCast for free with our 14-day trial. 

With our free webinar trial of WorkCast, the most powerful webinar and webcasting platform on the planet, you’ll be able to run live webinars and webcasts with no plugins, no downloads, and no barriers for attendees, create custom, branded webcasts and create bespoke landing pages and event emails.

With a WorkCast trial, you can supercharge your lead generation, increase audience engagement and grow your business - all completely free of charge.

Can I get a free demo of WorkCast?

Want a free demo of WorkCast's platform before you purchase? No problem. You can request a free demo of WorkCast to receive a free customized webinar demo for your project with one of our webinar experts.

You’ll also receive case studies that are relevant to you and your sector and insight into online event success, best practices,prices and plans.

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