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We believe that associations are more than just groups of people who share a common goal. They’re a community. And the best communities have members who are engaged, involved and invested in what they do together. That's why we've built a platform designed specifically for empowering these communities through digital events, education programmes, and sponsor partnerships.

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Scale Your Membership and Retention Strategy

Keep your members engaged

 Increase membership retention by raising your association’s profile by demonstrating a commitment to members. Help professionals build successful careers with educational resources that offer guidance and support while staying top-of-mind as leaders in the space. Your members will be more engaged if they feel that your association is a resource for them, not just an event where they go to see and be seen.

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Scale educational programmes

Create a portfolio of CPD digital learning experiences using WorkCast webinar libraries that are feature-rich,  flexible, and offer the right accreditation. 

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Strengthen sponsor partnerships

WorkCast makes it easy for you to ensure your sponsors get the most from their sponsorship, meaning you can build mutually beneficial relationships that can be leveraged to create new revenue streams.

We offer a full suite of features your sponsors will love. From fully branded sponsor booths and audience engagement tools, to detailed reports that highlight the most important metrics for your sponsors.

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“WorkCast, in the short time I worked with them, was able to meet every need of this conference and be more than just a helpdesk. They were part of our team. Not just their team and our team, we kind of collaborated to be a team to make this a success for the attendees and the staff.”

Ann Westpy, Head Director of Education and Events, CMA

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