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Sign up for our referral program and you'll receive your own personal referral code to share with all your peers.

For every peer that purchases a WorkCast plan or one-off event with your code, we'll hook you both up with a managed webinar. Talk about a win-win!

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Referral Program FAQS

How do I send a referral?

Sending a referral is easy! When you submit the form, you'll be sent your referral code. Share your referral code with peers and they can submit it to us when they reach out for a chat, a demo, or a free trial.

Is there a limit on free managed webinars for referrals?

Nope! You can refer as many people as you like, and as long as they purchase a WorkCast plan or a one-off event, both you and your friend will receive the gifted managed webinar. So start referring!

Do I need to be a current customer of WorkCast to receive the free managed webinar?

Not at all! We know that people switch jobs all the time, and we want to reward you for spreading the word about our platform. If you refer someone who ends up buying a WorkCast plan or one-off event, you'll both get the free managed webinar.

What happens if the person I referred forgets to use my referral code?

If the person you referred forgets to use your referral code then neither of you will get the gifted managed webinar. Sorry!

Are there any situations where I wouldn't receive the referral benefit?

Yes, unfortunately. If your referral doesn't end up buying a WorkCast plan or one-off event, you won't receive the gifted managed webinar. Additionally, if they don't submit the referral code the gifted managed webinar will be lost. If someone else refers them first, the first person to refer them will receive the gifted managed webinar. And if they are already a WorkCast customer, you've guessed it, neither of you will get the managed webinar.

How long do I have to redeem the gifted managed webinar?

If you're currently a WorkCast customer, your free managed webinar will be ready and waiting for you to use anytime during your subscription period. 

And for all you eager beavers out there who refer someone to WorkCast and aren't yet a customer, you and your referral can each enjoy your own free managed webinar within 3 months of them signing up!

Can I get a refund on gifted managed webinars?

Unfortunately, no. The gifted managed webinars are a benefit and cannot be transferred, exchanged, sold, or refunded for any reason. Please bear in mind that you would be subject to a cancellation fee should you decide to cancel or postpone your gifted managed webinar after it has been booked. Please refer to our T&Cs for our cancellation terms.

Can I refer a new division of my current company?

Absolutely! You can refer a division of your company and you'll both receive the gifted managed webinar (as long as the division is not already a current customer).

Is there anything else I should know?

For all the nitty gritty view our WorkCast Referral Program T&Cs. Otherwise, happy referring!


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