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Reimagining What Webinars Can Be

WorkCast Stratus is not a meeting tool. It's a webinar platform designed specifically for marketers with no downloads, no barriers, and no limits. 

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WorkCast is the only cloud-based webinar platform on the planet that is created for marketers, powered by video.

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Create professional-quality webcasts for up to 50,000 attendees and a reach truly global audience with WorkCast’s webcasting platform.

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Virtual Events

Bring your business to life on a global stage with WorkCast virtual events. Maximize your ROI with large, multi-session virtual events and connect with worldwide audiences.

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Demand Generation

Maximize your ROI, create a reliable flow of qualified leads and generate up to 47% more attendees with demand generation webinars. 

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WorkCast is the go-to webinar platform for all of your corporate communications. Keep your employees and stakeholders informed and engaged.

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Training & Education

Deliver flexible and cost-effective online training with the WorkCast platform. Test, track and assess attendee progress and more.

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Managed & Monitored Events

Find the ideal event support option to suit your needs, with self-service, monitored and premium managed support.

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WorkCast Platform

Introducing WorkCast Stratus: the most powerful online events platform on the planet. With WorkCast Stratus your webinars will be bigger, faster and more powerful.

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Case Studies

See why the world’s fastest growing companies choose WorkCast to help them are generate more leads, engage more contacts, and grow their businesses.

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WorkCast for HubSpot

WorkCast for HubSpot enables you to create a fully-branded HubSpot webinar and provides audiences with a seamless user experience.

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