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Debunking Webinar Myths

There is a lot of information about webinars on the internet, but it can be difficult to decipher truth from fiction. We're here to help you debunk the most common webinar myths.

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Navigating Brexit eBook

Navigating Brexit With Webinars

Whatever your opinion on Brexit, it will have an impact on how you do business in the UK. Learn how webinars can improve your communication strategy during these uncertain times. 

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Get More From Your Online Events With HubSpot

With practical advice and tips from webinar experts, this eBook explains the benefits of HubSpot integration for marketers, and takes you step-by-step how to do it and do it well.

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Ultimate Webinar Handbook

Whether you’re a webinar novice or seasoned expert, this eBook offers you practical advice on how to effectively create, plan, promote and deliver successful webinars that can be used to delight your customers and grow your business.

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Practical Guide to Webinar Success

Practical Guide to Webinar Success

Our complete, step-by-step guide to webinar success, provides actionable tips that will help you plan, organise and promote your webinars, and most importantly, help you to grow your business and maximise results.

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How to create engaging webinar content

Create Engaging Webinar Content

It can be intimidating creating high-quality webinar content, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Download our free eBook for  useful advice on how to create captivating content that will engage your audience and encourage interaction.

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Guide to virtual events and trade shows

Guide to Virtual Trade Shows & Events

Find out everything you need to know about Virtual Trade Shows and events, which, much like a physical trade show, can include areas such as networking lounges, specific zones and sponsor booths.

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The UK Webinar Report 

Collating four years' of UK-based webinar data, our definitive report contains helpful insights on the UK online events market. Wonder what the best day to hold your webinar is? Find out that and more in our free report.

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Guide to virtual college open houses

Virtual College Open House eBook

This eBook is the first step on your journey to hosting your own virtual college or university open house. Learn everything you need to know about running a virtual open house and get started today.

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Complete guide to sponsored webinars

The Complete Guide to Sponsored Webinars

Learn why webinar sponsorship is one of the strongest revenue-driving solutions for marketers and how to your business can benefit from running sponsored webinars in our free eBook.

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Recruiter's guide to online events

The Modern Recruiter's Guide to Online Events

Discover how to make use of essential tools in the successful marketer's toolkit, like video and webinars, in order to attract new business in our free eBook. Find the best candidates and consolidate your presence in the digital space today.

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Webinars for Nonprofits

Learn the basics of webinars and how they can benefit your business on our free eBook. With expert tips on how webinars can benefit your nonprofit, create your own online event today with our step-by-step guide.

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