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WorkCast hosts a range of fully-branded event experiences for a number of big name customers, such as Moz, This Girl Can, Sava and more. Explore how WorkCast helped these brands to create immersive webinars, webcasts and virtual events for their customers.

See how Moz used WorkCast’s webinar platform to create a fully-branded webinar registration, event landing page, emails and presentation slides for their webinar: ‘4 Essentials for Agency SEO Success’.

Explore how Workcast helped Ashfield to create a webinar event experience that was fully on-brand - from the registration landing page to the webinar presentation and email communications.


WorkCast worked with This Girl Can to design a customized master event template that was used to run multiple webinars, while ensuring they remained on-brand and consistent.


Sava utilized WorkCast’s event platform to create a branded webinar experience that allowed students to interact directly with the company’s experts. This customized webinar template, which consisted of email registration and confirmation landing pages, presentation slides and emails, was used for a number of branded webinars.


See how Thales hosted their Simply Flexible Benefits Fair using WorkCast’s virtual events platform. With a fully-branded virtual event lobby, sponsor booths, auditorium and emails, Thales were able to create a multi-page brand experience for customers, with live and on-demand functionality.


SC Media created a fully-branded virtual conference using Workcast’s virtual event platform. With a virtual event lobby, sponsor booths, content library and webinar auditorium, SC Media ensured that every aspect of the event adhered to their corporate guidelines to create a premium brand experience for attendees.

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"Compared to the last webinar platform I used, WorkCast has been a life-saver and a time-saver."


Megan Combs
Webinar and Social Media Manager, Vendome Group

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