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On-demand are webinars are pre-recorded - offering your audience the flexibility and freedom to view your content whenever they want, from anywhere in the world. Whether they’re replays of live webinars that you recently presented or webinars that you recorded specifically to be available on-demand, they can help you to increase engagement and generate even more leads.

How? On-demand webinars extend the lifespan of your content. Rather than limiting your audience to those available on the day, hosting on-demand webinars - as WorkCast has done here - allow you to promote your webinar well beyond its original air date.

Around 30% of your audience will watch the on-demand version of your webinar.

WorkCast’s webinar platform is cloud-based, which means your attendees don’t need any plugins or downloads to attend. Your audience can also enjoy the added benefit of watching your on-demand webinar from any device, without interruption. This platform reliability allows for the kind of seamless brand experience you would expect from a live event, but without the added pressure of hosting the event in-person.

Learn how Wiley Publishing attracted over 100,000 global attendees to their webinars using WorkCast's on-demand webinar functionality.

Why choose on-demand?

  • Increase your return on investment long after your live broadcast
  • Expand the reach of your webinar, so it's accessible to a global audience, anytime, anywhere
  • Extend the lifetime of your content and create evergreen content that can be accessed for years to come
  • Boost attendee numbers and increase engagement by sharing your webinar on-demand

Whether you’re looking to increase customer engagement, generate more leads or establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, on-demand webinars are an essential component of any successful webinar strategy. Kickstart your webinar program and start your free 14-day trial with WorkCast today.

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