WorkCast Integrations

"Overperforming businesses are 1.5x more likely to use event software that integrates with other core business platforms."

Learn how the WorkCast platform works with your CRM tools.


Seamless Integration

Online event tools that work with your other tools.


Custom APIs

Create your own bespoke integration with the WorkCast platform.


Advanced Reporting

Upgrade your marketing reports with actual event statistics.

How does it work?

Our leading online events platform utilizes the APIs from marketing and CRM platforms such as Marketo and Salesforce allowing you to integrate user data, activity, responses and calls-to-action seamlessly. This allows you to improve campaign follow-up and nurturing for both your marketing and sales teams.

WorkCast currently offers integration with:

Everything from registration data to event attendance data and viewing stat to Q&A and any poll questions can be pushed from WorkCast to your CRM. This means all of your marketing and sales data in one single place keeping it organised and easily accessible - all in real-time.

WorkCast APIs

WorkCast’s APIs allow you to create a bespoke integration with our webinar platform quickly and easily. Learn more about WorkCast's APIs.

WorkCast Widgets

WorkCast’s customizable online events platform allows you to embed third-party widgets to increase engagement and provide next-level insights into your events. Learn more about using widgets with WorkCast.

CRM Integrations

Gather your online event data and seamlessly integrate it into your customer relationship management system. Learn more about integrating your CRM with WorkCast.

Marketing Automation

Refine your marketing workflows with integrated attendee data from the WorkCast Platform. Track event engagement to discover the most valuable leads for your business. Learn more about marketing automation with data from the WorkCast Platform.

Core Capabilities

Enterprise-level service and software. Whatever events you run. WorkCast's online event solutions are feature-packed but flexible to suit your exact business needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering an industry-leading level of service and support.

Pricing & Packages

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