WorkCast Integrations

At WorkCast, we know it’s important for your data and customer information to be readily accessible. That’s why we’ve made sure our platform can be seamlessly integrated with leading marketing and CRM platforms.


Custom APIs


Better Reporting

How does it work?

Our leading online events platform utilizes the APIs from marketing and CRM platforms such as Marketo and Salesforce allowing you to integrate user data, activity, responses and calls-to-action seamlessly. This allows you to improve campaign follow-up and nurturing for both your marketing and sales teams.

WorkCast currently offers integration with:

Everything from registration data to event attendance data and viewing stat to Q&A and any poll questions can be pushed from WorkCast to your CRM. This means all of your marketing and sales data in one single place keeping it organised and easily accessible - all in real-time. 

WorkCast APIs

WorkCast’s APIs allow you to create a bespoke integration with our webinar platform quickly and easily. All WorkCast APIs are organized around REST, meaning it uses predictable, resource-oriented URLs and built-in HTTP capabilities for passing parameters and authentication, as well as responding with standard HTTP response codes to indicate errors.

Our two main APIs are for registration and reporting. Our Registration API pushes registrations to create events in your account, while the reporting functionality provides access to event reporting information directly through the API.

Get in touch with our webinar experts to find out more about WorkCast’s Integration and API capabilities.

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