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WorkCast’s virtual conference software provides a dynamic experience for users that is like no other.

With the benefits of a powerful all-in-one virtual platform and the engagement of a conference, WorkCast makes the impossible possible.

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Drive Real Results with WorkCast’s Virtual Conference Software

WorkCast’s powerful virtual conference platform connects you to a truly global audience. It helps you and your business build valuable relationships and leave a lasting impression on your audience.



✔️All-in-one virtual platform

✔️Different layouts and themes

✔️Live, simulive, or on-demand events

✔️Integrate 3rd-party apps and APIs



✔️Thousands of attendees per event

✔️More opportunities for sponsors

✔️Cloud-based = no downloads

✔️Truly global audiences



✔️Bring attendees together

✔️Networking and breakout capabilities

✔️Translations and captions to engage

✔️A seamless brand experience

Why use the WorkCast Virtual Conference Platform?

Virtual conferences are multi-session event experiences that immerse your audience in your content and allow them to engage with your business in a virtual environment. There are lots of reasons why your next event should be online.

But not all virtual conference software is created equal. WorkCast's platform combines must-have features with expert support to take your events to the next level.

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🤝 Networking Opportunities: Virtual conference booths help sponsors and exhibitors to connect directly with attendees and convert them into qualified opportunities.

💬 Face-to-Face Interaction: Virtual conference video breakout rooms allow attendees to network and build connections with each other.

🏆 Engagement Galore: Drive audience engagement and satisfaction with polls, quizzes, and Q&As.

🙌 Seamless Audience Experience: Optimized event experiences mean attendees won’t have any trouble finding what they’re looking for.

📚 Resources at Your Fingertips: Gain access to comprehensive platform training, resources, and a team of event experts.

⛵ Get Onboard Fast: Comprehensive onboarding so you can start your event off right.

💁 Virtual Conference Planner: Your own virtual conference planner will help you set clear timelines and deliverables to keep your event on track.

😄 Dedicated Support: Event day support with experienced virtual event coordinators monitoring every session & a post-event review to make your next event even better.

📊 Data Delivered to Your Doorstep: Collect and measure feedback and engagement with detailed analytics.

🕵️Detailed Insight and Understanding: Capture a multi-dimensional view of your attendees, their interests, their touchpoints, and their virtual conference activity.

🏃 Relevant and Actionable Data: Real-time data tracks your virtual conference KPIs. Measure your success as it's happening. Understand the overall success of the event to make your next virtual conference even better.

💰 Personalized Sales Communication: Maximize your ROI with data that allows you to personalize sales engagement and post-event follow-up.

🎨 Create Custom Sponsorship Packages: Custom sponsorship packages will help generate more revenue, including high-traffic exhibitor booths, sponsored speaker sessions, and virtual conference branding opportunities.

⭐ Premium Sponsorship Options: Build premium virtual conference sponsorship options and add a little bit extra. Utilize WorkCast's virtual conference platform to build something special for your favorite sponsors.

📈 Provide Value: Customized data for each and every sponsor means they know who interacted with their content.

🔗 Third-Party Integration: Easily add third-party applications that work with WorkCast's virtual conference platform and create enjoyable and engagement-rich audience interaction.

🖥️ CRM Software: Plug your audience data directly into your CRM. The WorkCast Virtual Conference platform works with HubSpot, Pardot, Salesforce, and more.

👩‍💻 WorkCast's Virtual Conference APIs: WorkCast's APIs for registration and reporting make it easy for developers to integrate almost any tool.

🗄️ Organization & Administration: Effectively promote your event with our specialized registration tools, automated email workflows, agenda builders, and attendee to attendee meeting schedules.

Virtual Conferences FAQs

Can I purchase an annual license for WorkCast?

Yes, you can. Our Lite, Pro, and Enterprise packages are offered as annual licenses which can be paid monthly.

Can you use virtual booths for sponsors in a WorkCast virtual conference?

During our virtual events and virtual conferences you can set up virtual booths for your sponsors.

Online event sponsorship is an effective way in which to generate revenue from your virtual events and the audience can access these sponsor booths from the Exhibition Hall. These sponsored booths allow users to access a mixture of content, including promotional videos, graphics, links, and more.

Sponsors can also interact with audience members via a live chat or Q&A function within their virtual booth or set up virtual breakout rooms.

How much does WorkCast cost & what packages do you have?

Our virtual conference licenses are tailored to suit your exact needs and the price we quote will reflect that. We don’t add features you don’t need, so you don’t have to pay for them.

Get in touch and one of our event experts will create your perfect package, at the perfect price.

Can I try WorkCast for free?

You can try our platform for free with a 14-day free trial. However, due to their complexity, you won’t be able to create a like-for-like virtual conference.

With our free trial of WorkCast Stratus you’ll be able to run single-session live events with no plugins, no downloads, and no barriers for attendees, create custom, branded templates, and create bespoke landing pages and event emails.

If you'd prefer a guided tour of the WorkCast Platform then get a customized virtual events demo.

Can I get a free demo of WorkCast?

Yes. It's easy to book a free demo of the WorkCast virtual conference platform with one of our event experts.

You’ll also receive case studies that are relevant to you and your sector and insight into virtual conference success, best practices, prices and packages.

I want to purchase a one-off virtual conference. Can I pay per use?

Yes. WorkCast has multiple virtual events packages to suit your business needs. 

If you wish to purchase a one-off virtual conference you can speak to one of our experts to discuss your individual requirements.

If you'd like a guided tour then book a free demo of our virtual conference platform to determine whether it's right for you.

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“On meeting WorkCast for the first time, it was clear that they are a company that puts their clients first, and this has been proved to be the case while working with them for the past 6 months. Their solution met all of our requirements for a virtual event platform and the user interface is clear and attractive.”
Digital Content Officer, University of Aberdeen
"I love the fact that you're in front of your screen and it actually feels like you're walking into a conference hall. So you really get that conference feeling. And the team itself was beyond phenomenal to assist me in everything I needed to do... they knew exactly what I needed and wanted and could do that for me."
Ann Westpy
Director of Education and Events, CMA
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