Annual Academic Conference with Professional Development Webinars & Certification

Unitek's annual conference integrated a diverse range of learning formats, combining both live and on-demand webinar sessions. The event featured automated certification processes, branded sponsor booths, and a plethora of interactive engagement tools. These encompassed moderated webinar Q&A sessions, chat rooms, live and on-demand polls, resource downloads, and gamification elements utilizing QR codes, offering attendees opportunities to win prizes.

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The Goal

The primary objective of Unitek's Annual Conference was to provide nurses and various medical professionals with avenues to accrue accreditation hours via online learning webinars. Through a multitude of learning sessions and interactive engagements, the online platform was designed to ensure accessibility on both desktop and mobile devices. Emphasis was placed on user-friendly navigation and clear guidance on the process of earning accreditation hours through successful viewing and engagement during webinars. 

Additionally, key aims for the conference included:

  • Cultivate a premium, meticulously branded event experience.
  • Host numerous live interactive video webinars concurrently within the event framework.
  • Enable presenters and sponsors to actively engage and interact with attendees through live chat and Q&A functionalities in a more substantial manner.
  • Incorporate sponsorship involvement by providing branded booths where sponsors can integrate on-demand videos, overviews, downloadable resources, and actively engage with attendees via live chat features.

How WorkCast Helped

Professional Development Webinar Lobby

An Easy to Access Fully Branded Micro Website 

Establishing a distinct and cohesive environment reflective of the brand was pivotal to the triumph of the annual conference. To achieve this, Unitek capitalized on WorkCast's branding functionalities, ensuring a comprehensive and consistent brand experience throughout the event. The registration process was meticulously crafted, featuring branded emails containing joining details. Attendees were seamlessly ushered into a lobby equipped with clear and intuitive navigation, simplifying access to the live and on-demand webinars and sponsor content.

Sponsorship Opportunities with Individual Sponsor Booths

Sponsors were afforded the opportunity to showcase their brand prominently through dedicated individual pages within the conference platform. These pages allowed sponsors to include on-demand videos, textual information, downloadable resources for attendees, and facilitated direct interaction via personalized chat rooms. Additionally, their logos and stand links were strategically integrated into the lobby and sponsors area, ensuring optimal brand visibility and exposure throughout the event.

High Levels of Webinar Engagement Features

Within the online learning environment, attendees were provided access to download resources from individual webinars and sponsor booths. This comprehensive platform featured a blend of live moderated Q&A sessions and open chat rooms, fostering direct interaction among attendees, presenters, and sponsors. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to engage with one another. To further incentivize participation, gamification elements were integrated via QR codes, encouraging attendees to actively engage and offering opportunities to win prizes.

Webinars with Automated Professional Development Certificates

During the live and on-demand webinar sessions, attendees had the opportunity to accumulate accreditation hours for professional development by actively participating in the webinar content and responding to live poll questions. Upon successful completion of these poll questions, attendees were prompted to access their certificates by clicking a designated link. The fully branded certificates were subsequently distributed to attendees, offering the option to either print or save them as PDFs for their records. 

Extensive Webinar Data & Analytics for Sponsors

Unitek leveraged WorkCast's integrated webinar reporting capabilities to actively monitor real-time attendee engagement and assess the overall success of the event. This comprehensive approach enabled precise tracking of individual webinar and page performance, facilitating a detailed evaluation of engagement levels in each session rather than solely considering an overarching perspective. Moreover, the provision of customized reports for individual sponsor booths empowered sponsors to analyze attendee engagement metrics, including webinar chat interactions and resource downloads, thereby facilitating insightful data analysis.

The Result

Unitek achieved remarkable engagement and live attendance metrics, surpassing expectations with an outstanding 89% live attendance rate. The event witnessed over 5000 engagement interactions, facilitated through a diverse range of interactive tools. These included polls conducted during both live and on-demand webinar sessions, moderated Q&A sessions, active participation in chat rooms, and the utilization of resource downloads.

About Unitek College

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