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About Bombora

Bombora produces broadcast-quality content for businesses including webinars, webcasts and livestreams. With a Clerkenwell studio and
access to a range of studios throughout London, alongside a highly experienced production team, Bombora offers a top quality, end-to-end service.

Bombora also delivers bespoke content tailored to your needs - whether that be motion graphics animation to add branding to your webcast or social video to drive audience uptake. Based in central London, servicing the UK and worldwide.

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Bombora Conference Streaming WorkCast

The Challenge

Bombora needed a hosting platform that was robust, compatible and worked within their needs.

In the past, Bombora had issues with the reliability of different streaming platforms and wanted one provider that they could use to deliver reliable streams on a daily basis, and WorkCast did just that.

The Goal

The main goal was to keep their clients happy  - which included Marriott, HSBC, CNBC, Thomson Reuters, among others - by delivering a reliable service to take the pressure out of live streams.

Another major goal was to get better branding. Bombora needed to be able to create templates for different clients and be able to amend them on our own to match client specifications.

How we Helped

In their own words:

"WorkCast listened to our requirements and were happy to work alongside our team to create the best possible workflow for our company. Our account manager was tremendously helpful, and we never felt pressured at any point into purchasing anything that wasn’t required.

Before we agreed on anything, we ran several tests to make sure the platform would suit our needs. We worked closely with the technicians to make sure we were optimizing streams on the platform and had regular meetings about our needs and what was in the development pipeline.

The actual hosting platform also had everything we required at a reasonable rate. One of the most important factors was not limiting the amount of time we could stream or viewers we could have.

Most importantly, our clients are happy which makes us happy, we never have to worry if people are able to view the stream from different devices nor do we have to worry about duration or maximum viewer restrictions. The reliability of the platform has helped us maintain our client relationship and win new clients."

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The Result

Working with WorkCast offered Bombora's clients a reliable, high quality streaming service that they could view from any device. The enhanced streaming service, combined with increased branding has allowed Bombora to exceed the expectations of their clients and improve customer retention. 

Customer For
Attendees at large events
Average Attendance Rate
“I would definitely recommend WorkCast, they have become an extension of our live streaming team, they’ve listened to our requests and we can see these being implemented within the platform. WorkCast listened to our needs, they were very accommodating and the reliability of the platform has helped us maintain our client relationships and win new clients.”
James Haverson Bomobra

James Haverson
Studio Manager, Bombora

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