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Our robust, cloud-based virtual event software is secure and scalable, so you can effectively host your virtual benefits fairs for thousands of attendees. Our platform requires no plugins or downloads and works across all devices, so you can bring your virtual benefits fair to international audiences without any barriers.

What are Virtual Benefits Fairs?

A virtual benefits fair, or employee benefits fair, is a virtual event designed to help employers communicate and explain the benefits provided to their employees at scale through an interactive online environment, rather than a physical one.

Only 40% of employers help employees understand and maximize their work benefits. Virtual benefits fairs make providing this information to employees more affordable and scalable by removing the physical and time-based barriers associated with in-person training. This results in more informed employees who benefit from the entire scope of their compensation package rather than just their salaries. 

Using interactive features, such as live webinars, webcast streams, live chat, virtual booths and more, online benefits fairs create more awareness and empower employees to make more informed decisions.

Why Choose Virtual Benefits Fairs with WorkCast?

We've been building and running virtual event solutions for almost a decade.

We offer virtual event planning support as standard with all our virtual events packages, to help you produce and run the best events you ever will.

    • Minimize fixed costs, like venue and equipment hire, catering and more
    • Increase employee awareness - only 40% of employees are aware of the benefits available to them
    • Improve employee applications and retention - 3 in 5 people report benefits and perks being among their top considerations before accepting a job
    • Increase employee attendance - Increase employee 63% of people are more likely to attend a virtual event than an in-person event 
    • Extend your global reach, as employees and benefits providers can attend from anywhere in the world
    • 30% of people are more likely to speak to a person in a virtual booth
    • 47% of people are more likely to ask a question at a virtual event, which increases direct interactions between employees and benefits providers
    • Easily measure the success of your virtual benefits fair with live analytics and reporting

A WorkCast virtual event planning expert will be there with you every step of the way to offer their support, so you can help exhibitors and visitors to interact in a more meaningful way.

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Virtual Benefits Fairs FAQs

Core Capabilities


WorkCast was built for video so you can easily incorporate and play video during your webinar presentation and broadcast to any device.

Webinar Branding

Our seamless webinar branding capabilities mean there is no break in the brand experience for your audience.

Audience Engagement

Polls, surveys, questionnaires, chats, Q&As, and more means your webinars are interactive and your audience is engaged.

Cloud Based

WorkCast’s innovative cloud-based technology means your webinars can be accessed on any device.

Powerful Integrations

HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua and more. No matter what platform you use, WorkCast can provide seamless webinar data integration.

Reporting & Analytics

Real time webinar analytics and comprehensive reporting data mean you can identify the hottest prospects for your sales team.

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