The Complete Guide to Planning, Running & Promoting Virtual College Open Houses


What exactly are Virtual Open Houses all about and where on earth do you start when conducting one?

WorkCast’s Complete Guide To Planning, Running and Promoting Virtual Open Houses can get you and your college/university started!

In this eBook, the benefits of and science behind Virtual Open Houses is explained, hopefully breaking down those barriers to understanding how one works!

Inside this eBook, you’ll discover:

  1. What Virtual Open Houses are and how to create one.
  2. How to easily and cost effectively extend the reach of your college open houses to hard-to-reach students.
  3. How to make the most out of a virtual open house, from Student Engagement, Student Interactions, Virtual Tours, Campus Showcase to Detailed Analytics, Enquiries Collection and Raising the Awareness for your College and raising the number of prospective students.
  4. Every step you need to take in the process of creating a Virtual Open House.
  5. Insightful statistics about Virtual Open Houses and their usage, from Universities all over the world.
How to Run A Virtual Open Day