The Complete Guide to Sponsored Webinars

Wondering how your business can benefit from the revenue streams available from online events?

WorkCast has compiled a comprehensive guide to webinar sponsorship, with our free eBook The Complete Guide To Sponsored Webinars.

Within this eBook, you'll be taken through the various processes and steps that you and your business must go through to make inroads into those revenue streams and start making money through online event sponsorship.

Download 'The Complete Guide To Sponsored Webinars' to learn:

  1. What is a sponsored webinar and how does it work
  2. How to educate your sales team (and yourself) about selling online event sponsorship packages to clients
  3. Understand the importance of recruiting the best speakers for your online event and making them part of the sponsorship deal
  4. How the structure of a sponsored webinar directly affects the choice of presenters
  5. The steps required during the registration and post-event phase to make your sponsored webinar a success

Whether you’re looking to understand the basics of webinar sponsorship or want to know how to sell webinar packages to clients, get our free eBook to learn why webinar sponsorship is one of the strongest revenue-driving solutions for marketers.