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Create a fully-branded HubSpot webinar experience for your audience.

HubSpot Integration with WorkCast 

WorkCast's HubSpot Integration

One of our most popular WorkCast integrations, as a certified HubSpot App Partner, WorkCast for HubSpot gives you the ability to create end-to-end webinar workflows - from registration pages to emails to calendar reminders - directly in the HubSpot platform in just a few clicks.

WorkCast for HubSpot enables you to create a fully-branded HubSpot webinar, providing a seamless user experience - all with no plug-ins or downloads. Improve your webinar registration and conversion rates, feeding your sales team valuable data in real-time.

What you Get With WorkCast's HubSpot Integration: 

  • You can create entire webinar workflows in your HubSpot account
  • Live stream webinars directly into the HubSpot platform
  • Complete data integration including registrants, attendees, and more.
  • Agencies can create and manage webinar campaigns for clients directly within HubSpot

What if I'm not a HubSpot Enterprise/Marketing Customer?

Don’t worry if you have a lower level of HubSpot access, as we also offer a standard webinar integration with the platform. You’ll be able to build and host your online event in the WorkCast platform, and all of your data will be pushed directly to your CRM.


WorkCast's unique webinar platform and deep integration into HubSpot has finally made running great looking webinars super easy. Using other tools was always so clunky, we don't dread running webinars anymore.

Tyler Pigott, Founder

Lone Fir Creative

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