Webinar Case Study: Packaging News



Packaging News, part of Metropolis Business Media, decided to re-purpose video content to create a sponsored webinar campaign. By combining the video content with the analytic capabilities of webinars, their campaign allowed them to bring value to subscribers and provide useful lead information to their sponsors. 

Each month, The Packaging News Journal has 10,000 readers and the website attracts over 44,000 unique users. After making the decision to move into producing sponsored webinars, Packaging News were given the opportunity to interact and engage with a large-scale, geographically dispersed audience of interested subscribers, in a way that was previously impossible.

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The Challenge

As newcomers to organizing interactive webinars, it was important for Packaging News to foresee and minimize any issues  associated with running a live, online event. They looked to build upon the success of their physical events and provide their sponsor, British Glass, with a unique opportunity to interact and engage with their subscribers.

The idea was to take the live online event, where there were around 40 people in a room, and bring it to the global stage. Not only did this give the Packaging News’ online community the chance to get a flavor of the discussions, but it also meant that evergreen video content could be re-purposed for the webinar.

As a publisher, with a strong online following, it was important for Packaging News to host a sponsored webinar that their community instantly recognized through strong branding.

The Goal

  • To deliver fully monitored online events, with full technical support
  • To provide a fully branded and recognizable webinar interface that offers a premium event experience for attendees
  • Maximise audience reach and facilitate interaction between attendees and sponsors
  • Measure attendee engagement with webinars

Client Examples

How WorkCast Helped 

Right level of support
Packaging News were able to maintain the level of professionalism for their sponsored webinars by utilizing the WorkCast monitored events service. This ensured that before anything went live, Packaging News were confident that everything worked efficiently, was running properly and looked professional.

Setting the right tone
Using the WorkCast’s fully-branded capability, each touch point for subscribers, whether that was receiving event invitations or joining the webinar, audiences were able to instantly recognize the Packaging News brand at a glance.

Interacting with sponsors
WorkCast's webinar functionality allowed them to introduce a live and interactive element to online content, which enabled their sponsor, British Glass, to communicate with subscribers who have a vested interest in the topic. The extension of the live event proved popular, with a number of high caliber professionals registering to attend, allowing both parties to extend the conversation further.

Measuring the engagement
Packaging News used WorkCast’s platform to start monitoring subscribers as soon as they signed up for the webinar - tracking every engagement in the lead up to the event. This capability provided Packaging News with the ability to get in-depth reporting on the whole event cycle, which they could use to inform future online events.

The Result

Packaging News successfully prolonged the life of their live online events and re-purposed evergreen video content through webinars, while facilitating interaction and engagement between their audience and sponsors.

Registrants attended event
attendees watched the entire even
Conversion rate

“I liked that we could build our page to look how we wanted it rather than fitting in with a generic webinar or conference call
template. It was a feature that I felt was more than worthwhile.”

Josh Brooks
Publisher, Packaging News

"I had done webinars before but no other provider had the admin system that WorkCast has. That impressed me.”

Bill Sherry 
Commercial Manager, Packaging News

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