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Case Study: Infosecurity Magazine

Using Virtual Events for Accreditation, Networking Opportunities & Sponsorship

Up to 80% of publishers now offer some form of free content. In order to attract and maintain a dedicated readership, the publishing industry must continually evolve to meet their audience's needs. 

The Challenge
Infosecurity Magazine is dedicated to providing free, high quality educational content to the Information Security Sector. In order to diversify their channels, they developed their own virtual events and turned them into a strong branding and sponsorship opportunity. 

Here's What You Will Learn From This Case Study:
infosec case study.jpg

  • How Infosecurity Magazine used webinars to successfully offer automated online accreditation/ eLearning.

  • How Infosecurity Magazine has developed a thriving virtual community around their events, with live chat and networking opportunities.
  • How Infosecurity Magazine have maximised their sponsporship opportunities through webinars.
  • How the WorkCast Platform has helped Infosecurity create fully branded, data-rich, attractive virtual events.

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"We needed to create an intuitive virtual conference environment that met the needs of attendees and sponsors. The WorkCast Platform helped us do that.”- Infosecurity Magazine