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Customer Success Story: Infosecurity Magazine 

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Infosecurity Magazine is the leading industry-accredited digital platform for the Information Security community, with over 65,000 digital magazine subscribers worldwide. Dedicated to providing free, high quality educational content, they wanted to develop their virtual events into a strong branding and sponsorship opportunity.

Using the WorkCast platform, they have amplified their existing virtual events and accreditation package into a successful networking and thought-leadership model. As well as offering clients valuable content and learning opportunities, it is also created an attractive opportunity for sponsorship.

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The Challenge

With over 6,000 registrants attending the virtual conference every year, Infosecurity Magazine recognised the value of using virtual conferences as a branding, sponsorship and thought leadership opportunity.

Their legacy product, which had previously been used to create their virtual conferences, no longer provided the kind of event experience that they wished to provide attendees and sponsors.

Previously online conferences had been focused around replicating a physical event, which led to extra time and effort on the part of sponsors, who had to man virtual stands. 

The Goal

  • To provide a fully branded, fit for purpose platform offering premium event experience for attendees
  • Improve the virtual conference to make it easier for sponsors and attendees to interact online, including live chat and networking opportunities
  • To offer automated online accreditation/eLearning 
    opportunities to reduce admin time post event
  • Maximise sponsorship opportunities

How we helped

By using the WorkCast platform, Infosecurity Magazine are now able to deliver a fully branded and immersive experience to their attendees with less of the frustrations of a simulated ‘physical’ environment.

Virtual Event Adoption
When Infosecurity Magazine decided to incorporate virtual events into their marketing strategy they were ahead of the curve for other publishers. Using the polls and reporting features of the WorkCast Platform, they have been able to ascertain a growth in attendance, as well as validate the various reasons attendees register and view the virtual conferences.

Creating the Virtual Conference
A common approach to creating virtual conferences is to try to replicate the experience of a physical event. Using the WorkCast Platform, Infosecurity were able to set up the virtual environment that was both professional in appearance and easy to access for both speakers and attendees. There was no need for presenters or sponsors to create avatars, or staff a virtual stand.

The content could be pre-recorded and uploaded to the platform in advance, ready for the live event. This had the added bonus of time saving making the live event easier to run on the day. 

Accreditation and eLearning
Infosecurity Magazine were looking for a platform that could offer an automated approach to deliver accredited learning opportunities through their virtual conference event. This included a transferring the relevant credits to the accreditation bodies, which previously was a time intensive  task after the event. 

Utilising WorkCast's graded polls and questions within the live presentations, attendees became accredited while during the presentation and were able to download their certification at the end of the virtual conference. This meant attendees become more responsible for managing their own accreditation and had the incentive to watch the entire webinar - a preference for everyone involved.

The Result

Transitioning to the WorkCast platform has helped to develop the look and feel of Infosecurity Magazine’s virtual conference, whilst additionally improving the ease with which presenters can interact with attendees. Their audience of tech-savvy attendees has been receptive to the idea of networking in an online environment and gaining accreditation through webinars.
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Attended for networking opportunities
Typical registrants / attendance figures
Of attendees watched the whole event

“The primary reason for moving to WorkCast was that they understood our need to make the automation of credits work.”

“Our industry made virtual events an attractive opportunity. We work with IT specialists who are used to interacting online in a virtual sphere, so it was a perfect match.”

Infosecurity Magazine

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