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Case Study: CBI Annual Conference

CBI Annual conference on WorkCast


CBI is one of the UK’s premier business organisations, directly influencing over 7 million professionals. The company has been working with WorkCast for over 5 years to live stream their annual conference to their large-scale audience.

We spoke to CBI’s Director of Commercial Development & Corporate Events, Amy Swain, who explained how online event streaming has transformed their annual conference, so that it’s now more accessible than ever.

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The Challenge

CBI’s annual conference is their flagship event, with guest speakers previously including the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and many other leading business speakers.

This meant that it was essential that CBI use a professional-quality conference streaming platform that replicated their physical conference for those who were attending out in the regions and internationally.

The Goal

CBI were aiming to replicate their annual conference with their live conference stream, so that they could extend their reach to audiences attending out in the regions and internationally - so they felt as though they were attending live.

Their overall goal was to increase audience accessibility and interaction, while also providing value for their sponsors.

How we Helped

  • WorkCast helped to bring CBI’s annual conference out to attendees located in the regions and internationally
  • Facilitated real-time interaction between presenters and online attendees, so they could ask questions live
  • Provided value to sponsors, who were able to engage and interact with attendees during the event
  • Helped to improve online event accessibility, as the audience could attend the event anytime, anywhere with live and on-demand options
  • Gave global audiences the opportunity to engage with expert speakers they otherwise would not have access to

Virtual Conferences

The Result

WorkCast helped to transform CBI’s annual conference, so now it was accessible to all audiences - regardless of where in the world they were located. Therefore, the conference stream drove an average conversion rate of 70.5%, which is well above average, and almost 5,000 visits to their event landing page.

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Average Conversion Rate
Landing Page Visits
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“We've worked with WorkCast for about 5 years. We work with them because they're very professional, they understand the needs of our conference and delegates find the platform very easy to use.”

Amy Swain
Director of Commercial Development & Corporate Events, CBI

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