Wiley are a highly-respected industry name in the world of academic publishing.

Their team of skilled professionals recognised the growing influence of technology on their communications.

That's why they turned to WorkCast to help drive forward their future webinar plans, helping them to connect with a worldwide audience!

Discover their journey with WorkCast, from planning to execution, by downloading the Wiley Case Study!

What You'll Find Inside!

  1. How their Current Protocols publication began their journey to using webinars for worldwide communication
  2. Their ambitions for the project and WorkCasts role in helping them achieve those goals
  3. An insight into what WorkCast could offer them and what they can offer generally
  4. How sponsorship played a huge part in the effectiveness of Wileys transition to more digital-based communications
  5. All the planning and promotion aspects and how they worked
Download The Case Study Today:

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Discover Wiley's journey with WorkCast, from planning their online events to execution, by downloading the Wiley Case Study! 
Wiley recognised the opportunity that online events offer to both them and their audience and now use webinars to relay information to hundreds of contacts, on a regular basis.
They are leveraging webinars as a key way to keep them ahead of their competition, by providing information to large worldwide audiences.