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Global academic publishing company, Wiley, provides extensive educational training materials to companies and individuals. Their team of skilled professionals recognized the growing influence of technology on their communications, which is why they decided to explore webinars.

Recognizing the need for their content to be accessible to their online audience and striving to be at the forefront of their industry, Wiley started delivering global webinars on the WorkCast platform to connect with a worldwide audience.

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The Challenge

Wiley’s ambition was to use live and on-demand webinars to attract a worldwide audience and become a source of revenue for the company through sponsorship opportunities.

This meant that the webinars needed to be easily accessible to a global audience to allow them to establish more of a presence in difficult-to-reach markets. Therefore, communication between audiences, speakers and sponsors were essential for Wiley, as sponsorship was the main source of revenue from these online events.

The Goals

  • Provide a premium webinar platform that offers live, on-demand and virtual event opportunities
  • An easy-to-access webinar, with no downloads, no plugins and no barriers necessary
  • Communication and interaction between speakers, attendees and sponsors
  • Maximize revenue by gaining webinar sponsorship opportunities

How WorkCast Helped

Using the WorkCast platform, Wiley was able to create interactive webinars that were easily accessed by a global audience with no barriers, no download or plugins. Using the on-demand and Simulive functionality there were no restraints due to time difference, which allowed them to attract worldwide audiences, thus, increasing their attendance rates.

Despite the content being free for attendees, it was the analytics and insights gathered from the webinar that provided value for sponsors. These sponsors were able to gain useful data on registrants, attendees and their contact information.

Communication between the sponsors and attendees was paramount, so utilizing the WorkCast platform, Wiley provided multiple ways for sponsors to interact with registrants. This included asking registrants questions, interactive polls, Q&A, resource materials and redirect links.

Many of the webinars included video footage showcasing research and WorkCast’s platform allowed Wiley to seamlessly embed video within the presentation and stream to any device.

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The Result


Wiley Publishing’s webinar strategy proved a success, as they were able to attract attendees from over 70 countries worldwide, who historically couldn’t attend live events. 

By utilizing the on-demand functionality of WorkCast’s platform, Wiley were able to truly have a global reach.
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WorkCast has worked with Wiley's UK and German offices for a number of years. Establishing a strong relationship, Wiley has, as a whole, started running their entire webinar strategy through WorkCast.

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