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The King's Fund is an independent charity working to improve health care in England since 1897. Their vision is that the best possible health care is available to all. As an integral part of their strategy to achieve their vision, The King's Fund brings communities and organisations together through large-scale online events where they discuss and learn from evidence, and promote greater understanding of health care policy and practice. 

Recognising their need to reach people outside of London, and increase their number of attendees per event, The King's Fund started delivering webinars and online events using the WorkCast platform.  

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The Challenge

The King's Fund's ambition was to use online events to overcome the geographic, and physical constraints of traditional conferences. They wanted to increase the number of attendees per event, and expand their reach to national audiences who live outside of London.

Striving to connect with newcomers and foster relationships with their audience, The King's Fund needed a solution that would enable two-way communication between audiences and speakers.  This was essential to The King's Fund's mission of bringing people together and promoting a greater understanding of health care policy and practice. 

The Goal

  • Increase the geographic reach of their events and conferences, and boost the number of possible attendees per event

  • Extend the lifespan of their event and supporting content through on-demand functionality 
  • Communication and interaction between speakers, attendees and organisations

  • An easy-to-access webinar, with no downloads, no plugins and no barriers necessary

How WorkCast Helped

Using the WorkCast platform, The King's Fund was able to create interactive webinars that were easily accessed by a national audience with no barriers, no download or plugins. Garnering the benefits of the platform's on-demand functionality, The King's Fund successfully expanded their average audience from 250 people per event, to 612 attendees per event. 

Facilitating two-way communication for their audiences, the event included interactive polls and Q&As, which provided The King's Fund with valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by different segments within their community. These conversations informed the diversification of The King's Fund's content strategy, allowing them to better service all members of their community and develop new relationships.

WorkCast's high-quality software and service has empowered The King's Fund to transform their online events and achieve their goals of reaching nationwide audiences, increasing the number of attendees, and extending the lifespan of their content. 

Customer Success

The Result


The King's Fund's online event strategy proved a success, as they were able to drastically increase their average attendees, and reach audiences outside of the London area in a cost-effective way.  

By utilising the on-demand functionality of WorkCast’s platform, The King's Fund successfully extended the lifespan of their content.



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WorkCast has worked with The King's Fund for over four years. Through our partnership, The King's Fund has extended their reach, further defining their position as a leader within the health sector, while strengthening their position with the local community sector organisations and local authorities.

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