Whether you’re looking to generate more leads, boost sales, or run comprehensive training and education, WorkCast has the solution for you.

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Drive increased revenue and build a pipeline with demand generation webinars from WorkCast.


With the ability to host up to 50,000 attendees, engaging with employees and stakeholders at companies, big or small, has never been easier.


Deliver flexible and cost-efficient training with the WorkCast platform. Engage and educate attendees with tools that will allow you to test, track and assess their progress.


Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and differentiate your brand from competitors by hosting webinars on the WorkCast platform.


Encourage meaningful interactions with customers and increase their lifetime value with WorkCast's engaging webinars.


Boost sales, increase conversion rates and turn prospects into customers by using WorkCast's webinar platform to host live Product Demonstrations.

Lead Generation

Webinars are an essential tool in the B2B marketer’s toolkit. Online webinars are a successful means of delivering engaging content to your target audience establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Maximize your ROI and reduce your marketing spend with demand generation webinars. Not only are they cost-effective, but webinars and webcasts on the WorkCast platform help you to create a reliable flow of qualified leads with live webinars, on-demand content and fully-branded experiences.

Traditional online meeting tools have always been the weak link in the marketers toolkit, due to volume restrictions, the need for plugins and downloads and design limitations. However, WorkCast’s platform is built specifically for marketers and demand generation. With our powerful, cloud-based webinar technology you can get more attendees than ever before - WorkCast webinars generate up to 47% more attendees. That’s because WorkCast requires no downloads, no plug-ins, no barriers.

With our powerful data reporting tools, you can identify the most engaged prospects and pinpoint exactly how each attendee is engaged - allowing you to identify your high intent prospects.

Grow your business with better prospects, better leads and better webinars.

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WorkCast is the go-to online events platform for all of your corporate communications needs. From town halls to investor seminars and everything in-between, keep your employees and stakeholders informed and engaged.

Using WorkCast for your communications is a budget-friendly way to ensure your key stakeholders are up-to-date - no travel costs and your updates can go out to offices globally. And, you can rest assured that any scheduled online event will go off without a hitch, as our cloud-based technology is the most stable on the market. No technical difficulties to worry about and no downloads to troubleshoot.

As well as empowering you to brand, integrate and secure your corporate communications, WorkCast also enables your audience to engage with the content. From polls to Q&As to surveys, not only can you communicate with your employees, but they can communicate with you.

You can ensure that all business critical information is being shared with the right stakeholders, while also encouraging communications from everyone within the business.

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Training & Education

WorkCast can help you create a more effective workforce and offer external resources with webinars for training and education. Empower your teams to be better and strive for success, with continuing professional development (CPD).

Get the power of WorkCast’s platform and enjoy the flexibility to curate training plans tailored to your industry needs. Our analytics tool allows you to keep an eye on audience engagement and success, so you can determine which materials are working and why. Built-in tests and assessments enable your attendees to demonstrate their learning and gain the satisfaction of knowing they passed.

Meanwhile, the WorkCast platform features graded polls, the ability to track user activity and the facility to set up progressive channels where users can advance through courses and receive certification upon completion. This means that CPD has never been easier.

WorkCast’s webinar solutions also allow you to cut the costs associated with traditional training - no classrooms, no supplies and the ability to reach a global audience with one online event. That means you get to focus on what’s important: the students.

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Thought Leadership

Webinars are an essential tool when it comes to B2B thought leadership. In fact, 88% of technology buyers say that thought leadership was crucial when choosing a software provider.

WorkCast’s webinar platform can help your business to differentiate your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Our powerful webinar solution allows you to share your expertise with more attendees than ever before (up to 50,000 attendees), so you can boost your brand awareness and credibility on a global scale

The only cloud-based webinar created for marketers that is powered by video, WorkCast’s platform enables you to transform your thought leadership strategy by delivering content to attendees in a new and engaging way. Attendees can interact with your webinar content via WorkCast’s cutting-edge features, such as polls, Q&As, surveys and more, and you can enjoy the flexibility to tailor your presentation to your industry and brand needs.

With no downloads, no plugins and no barriers, WorkCast’s platform enables you to share your knowledge and establish yourself as an authoritative voice on your chosen subject matter without limits. Therefore, you can extend the reach of your webinars and create an inclusive online event experience for global audiences.

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Customer Engagement

WorkCast can help you to encourage meaningful customer engagement with webinars. Our powerful webinar platform is designed with customer interaction in mind, so that you can engage with your customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey - from awareness to consideration to decision.

Videos attract +300% more traffic than traditional text content and generate more leads, which is why WorkCast webinars are powered by video and include functionality to embed videos in your presentation. With no plugins or no downloads to troubleshoot, our Stratus platform creates a seamless event experience for customers and facilitates more personalised interactions between brands and customers. 

As WorkCast’s cloud-based webinars can be streamed on any device, you can engage with your customers no matter where they are in the world - whether that be on their mobile during their morning commute or on their tablet at home. With a suite of cutting-edge features, such as live Q&A, surveys and polls, you can establish close relationships with your customers by interacting with them in real-time and ultimately, increase their customer lifetime value.

Meanwhile, our platform’s powerful reporting tool allows you to gather live attendee engagement insights - such as live attendees, event viewing time, polls answered and more - so you can identify high-intent prospects and use data to inform your brand’s marketing strategies for maximum ROI.

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Product Demonstrations

WorkCast’s powerful webinar platform helps companies to deliver B2B product demonstrations to customers in real-time. Our Stratus platform is reinventing webinars by bridging the gap between brands and customers, as brands are able to demonstrate the value of their products or services to customers on a global scale. 

As 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by video, product demonstration webinars are an essential tool in the marketer’s toolkit. Product demonstration videos are proven to increase conversion rates and boost sales, as customers are able to better envision the product, which is why so many brands are choosing to run pre-release webinars.

Our webinar solution is cloud-based, which means that there are no downloads or plugins to troubleshoot, so brands can deliver a seamless event experience for customers and engage with more attendees than ever before (up to 50,000 attendees). Customers can experience your products without limitations or barriers, as our webinar platform can be streamed on any device, wherever they are.

By using our webinar platform to host your online product demonstrations, you can empower prospects at the top of the buyer’s funnel by educating them about your product and turn them into customers in no time

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