Video Case Study:
Launching 'Meed Live' Using WorkCast Stream Machine

Established in 1957, MEED is a remarkable senior management media brand that encompasses a subscription website and magazine, more than 30 C-level executive conferences and summits hosted by MEED Events, the MEED Quality Awards for Projects and two high-value content businesses, MEED Projects and MEED Insight.

MEED Projects is the Middle East's premium project tracking database and MEED Insight offers tailored research and in-depth analysis.

Meed & WorkCast

Having delivered some commercial webinars from a 3rd party studio using the Stream Machine, MEED were excited by our platform’s potential for editors and subscribers to interact in real time and give them the chance to elaborate on their content in the most appropriate and informative way. 

3rd party studios can be very costly, so MEED gave us a budget and consulted us to provide them a list of equipment fit to build their own studio. Along with one of our Stream Machines and seamless platform integration they were able to launch their event series to the world. 

We spoke with Eugene Kerrigan, MEED’s director of marketing solutions, shortly after successfully helping them run their first MEED Live event. We're happy to report that since then, with the support of a WorkCast event manager remotely taking care of their stream from WorkCast HQ, MEED have successfully delivered weekly events to great effect.

Their programme and content continue to develop, safe in the knowledge that we can support their streaming and our platform can provide the interactivity to satisfy their subscribers.

The Stream Machine

The Stream Machine is essentially a flyaway box containing 2 video encoders and a network switch. Simply switch on, plug in your internet and video feeds then let us do the rest. It allows our clients and their AV teams to focus on content and production, concentrate on delivering their message and let WorkCast take care of the live streaming & hosting. 

webcasts stream machine.png