WorkCast Customer Success story Meed

Customer Success Story: MEED


MEED were excited by WorkCast's potential for editors and subscribers to interact in real time and give them the chance to elaborate on their content in the most appropriate and informative way. 

We spoke with Eugene Kerrigan, MEED’s Director of Marketing Solutions, shortly after successfully helping them run their first MEED Live event. Their programme and content continue to develop, safe in the knowledge that we can support their streaming and our platform can provide the interactivity to satisfy their subscribers.

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“For Meed, what excited us was the engagement we got from our subscribers. When we saw how much they engaged with our editors that's what got us excited as a business about doing something slightly different with the platform. We use [webinars] on a regular basis as a new and interactive way to deliver our content direct from our editors to our subscription base.”

Eugene Kerrigan
Director of Marketing Solutions, Meed

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