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Customer Success Story:



GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a worldwide brand, familiar to many, who supply global healthcare products, they wanted to discover a better way to communicate to their global audience.

Specifically, their Human Performance Lab, an innovation centre dedicated to research in areas such as nutrition & psychology, had created an online hub of expert content and thought leadership. It was decided that this would be best shared through a series of live, interactive, high quality webcasts.

That's where WorkCast stepped in.

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The Challenge

From the beginning of the project, a desire for excellence was paramount, focusing on high production quality, which mirrored GSK’s reputation. It was important that the distinctive brand could easily be associated with the webcast series. 

HPL required a consistent user journey housed within the HPL environment, whilst simultaneously building a strong sense of sponsor opportunities. 

A desire to grow attendees and attract worldwide audience with zero time zone restrictions. 

The Goal

  • To provide a fully branded and premium event experience for attendees

  • Maximise attendees and offer on-demand abilities

  • To use highly customisable templates for quality webinar interface

  • Deliver a series of webcasts with interactive functionality

How we helped

Using WorkCast’s fully customisable branded templates HPL are able to maintain its reputation and brand visibility throughout their webinar series. Making use of the branding templates, HPL were able to secure sponsorship and supporting brands.

As well as broadcasting live, the WorkCast enables HPL to benefit from other types of events, depending on purpose, such as on-demand or scheduled reply. Not only does this allow the duration of a live event to be extended, it also enables the HPL to attract a worldwide audience of viewers, with zero time zone restrictions.

The high level reporting available provides HPL with meticulous analytics to measure registrations, attendees, drop off points and click-throughs. This, coupled with the ability to create secure user access, which can be managed on an individual event basis, allows the HPL to capture the correct information from viewers and restrict access when necessary.

The ability to incorporate live interactivity throughout the webcast series provided HPL with a superior channel of communication. A direct line of engagement between speaker and attendee through polls and Q&A.

The Results 

Webcasts at HPL continue to go from strength to strength. With the number of viewers continuing to expand, they have begun hosting webcasts through a channel, embedded into their own website. 

Watched the live session
Watched either live or on-demand
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“We have benefited in a massive way using the WorkCast platform at the centre of everything we do for our online activities at the Human Performance Laboratories.

The consistent branding and high quality of our online events has enabled us to represent ourselves in exactly the way we want, with physical and online audiences boosting one another using WorkCast.

We have achieved so much more with WorkCast than we were able to with other platforms.

We are very happy to recommend them to anyone!”

Lynn Clay
Global Expert Director, Nutrition & GF Category, Consumer Healthcare @ GSK