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As one of the world’s leading event organizers, UBM is a household name. They were looking to engage their customers and produce an unlimited amount of high-quality webinars, which is why they decided to team up with WorkCast.

We spoke to Ricky Abate who is the Content Marketing Manager at UBM EMEA about his experience moving to WorkCast’s self-service webinar solution from managed events. 

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The Challenge

UBM had been using the WorkCast managed events solution to run their webinars for the past 18 months, which took the stress out of webinars for them, as the WorkCast team provided them with a premium level of support. 

However, they wanted to move to the self-service webinar option, which meant that they would be running their webinars themselves with the WorkCast event team on-hand via phone or email if they had any questions or ran into any issues.

The Goal

UBM wanted full control over their webinars by leveraging the branding and customization capabilities of WorkCast’s self-service platform.

The company wanted the freedom and flexibility to run an unlimited number of webinars throughout the year by themselves, so they could drive increased real-time engagement and interaction with their audience.

How we Helped

  • WorkCast helped UBM to easily run an unlimited number of fully-branded webinars throughout the year using our self-service option
  • Helped to facilitate a two-way interaction between UBM and attendees with features, like Q&A and live chat
  • WorkCast’s events team provided support to UBM via email or phone if they ran into potential issues or had any questions
  • Enhanced UBM’s online event experience by enabling full control over their webinars, including branding and templates

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The Result

UBM were able to attract over 2,300 registrations to their webinars, which had an average engagement rate of 35%. By using interactive features, such as Q&A, UBM were able to increase their engagement rate with global audiences and attract approximately 17,635 visits to their event landing pages.



“We use the WorkCast managed event solution. I found this is a really, really great solution when you're new to running webinars because the team offer a lot of support and help us through every step of the process.”

Ricky Abate
Content Marketing Executive, UBM EMEA

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