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 Webinar Case Study: UBM

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As one of the world’s leading event organisers, UBM is a household-name company. They were looking to engage their customers and produce an unlimited amount of high-quality webinars, which is why they decided to team up with WorkCast.

We spoke to Ricky Abate who is the Content Marketing Manager at UBM EMEA about his experience moving to WorkCast’s self-service webinar solution from managed events. He explained that UBM use WorkCast for all the webinars in their portfolio, as the company enjoys the flexibility offered by the platform and the ability to run unlimited high-quality webinars throughout the year as part of the service.

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“We use the WorkCast managed event solution. I found this is a really, really great solution when you're new to running webinars because the team offer a lot of support and help us through every step of the process.”

Ricky Abate
Content Marketing Executive, UBM EMEA

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