Case Study: Seneca College's Virtual Open House

Seneca college open house with WorkCast
Located in Toronto, Canada, Seneca College is an Applied Arts & Technology Institution. With 10 campuses throughout the Toronto area, Seneca College has over 30,000 full-time students and tens of thousands of applications every year.

Due to the high number of applications, Seneca College needed an effective way to communicate with new starters. And so, they decided to host an online orientation virtual event, where Seneca could welcome new students at the start of the semester to get them started. This is where WorkCast stepped in...

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The Challenge

With 30,000 full-time students and over 63,000 student applications last year, Seneca College were looking to find a way to improve their communication with new starters and ensure that they were receiving the information they needed before starting their first semester.

This meant that they needed to create an orientation event that was easily accessible to new starters on a global scale, so students could access the event wherever they were in the world. This would extend the reach of their traditional orientation event exponentially and would allow new students, who previously would not have been able to attend the event, to participate in the Seneca College’s orientation event.

The Goal

  • Provide a premium virtual event platform that allows for effective communication between Seneca College and new students

  • Maximise audience engagement and interaction, so the students received the help they needed

  • Extend the reach of the traditional Orientation event, so that students worldwide could attend the event

  • Facilitate interaction and networking between College representatives and new students

How WorkCast Helped

With a vision to include a combination of live and pre-recorded presentations, a live chat room, individual presentations, Q&A and on-demand videos featuring college representatives, WorkCast helped Seneca to create an interactive virtual event to maximize their audience engagement.

What WorkCast created for Seneca

  • WorkCast created a fully-branded, bespoke landing page, where students registered to attend the event
  • Seneca used WorkCast’s email workflow functionality to send out confirmation and event reminder emails that included important event-joining details
  • Once students arrived in the online event platform, they were greeted with a variety of live and pre-recorded content
  • Students were able to speak with experts at the university via the live Q&A functionality

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The Result

Seneca College exceeded their targets for audience interactions and attendance rates for the virtual event, with over 1,238 registrations, a 72% attendance rate and over 370 questions were asked throughout the day. Due to the success of the Seneca College open house, the university plans to host several similar virtual events in the near future.


Attendance Rate
Questions Asked
“Thank you for all your support and help making our vision come true. This was unlike anything we have tried before, and we think it was an engaging event for our students”

Angela Burnie
Manager - Student Life, Seneca College

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