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NHS SCW: Webinars for Internal Communications

NHS SCW provides healthcare to 14 million people and has 32 offices across 15,600 square miles. Find out how they improved their internal communications using WorkCast.

WorkCast helped to create accessible internal communications across the NHS South, Central and West



NHS CSU have been creating impactful and accessible internal communications using the WorkCast webinar platform.


Offices Reached

NHS CSU has successfully delivered information to 32 offices in the region by utilizing webinars for their internal communications.


Attendees On Average

Testament to their effectiveness, NHS SCW's webinars have an average attendance rate of 445 participants.

Webinars: a professional, cost-effective communication tool

NHS South, Central, and West CSU (SCW) was facing internal communications challenges due to their geography and needed an innovative solution that would allow them to share key updates and internal communications to their colleagues, at the same time, regardless of geography. SCW started using WorkCast's webinar and on-demand platforms as a cost-effective solution for their internal communications.

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The Challenge

NHS SCW needed a professional, cost-effective communication tool that would allow their senior leaders to effectively share organizational updates with all offices at the same time.

NHS SCW hoped that improved communications and transparency from leadership would result in stronger adoption of the annual business strategy and more collaboration between teams.

The Goals

  • Deliver memorable communications and organizational updates.
  • Create an opportunity for two-way communication between colleagues and senior leaders during organizational updates.
  • Provide a high-quality professional communications tool.
  • Overcome existing internal communication barriers and communicate with all colleagues at the same time.

How WorkCast Helped

Using the WorkCast platform, SCW was able to overcome the communication challenges they faced as a result of their complex geography. Senior leadership at SCW can now deliver key organizational updates, including their annual business strategy, to all 32 offices at the same time with no barriers, no download or plugins.

Through updating everyone at the same time, encouraging two-way communication, and using the platform's on-demand functionality, SCW has been able to increase the level of engagement from their colleagues and foster an environment of collaboration between teams.

The Result

SCW was able to improve its internal communications, successfully delivering key organizational updates to all 32 offices at the same time, and allowing important two-way communication to take place with senior leadership. This has resulted in teams working more collaboratively towards targets, and overcoming challenges together.

About NHS SCW: NHS South, Central and West CSU

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"We would definitely recommend WorkCast. The team provided a high level of support and expertise to enable us to deliver a professional, well-led event from start to finish."

Jessica Stone
MarComms Project Manager, NHS South, Central and West CSU