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Webinars Unfiltered

Welcome to Webinars Unfiltered, where we're all about answering YOUR burning questions about online events and webinars, no filters attached. This week, we're talking all about how to find the right webinar platform for your business needs.

So grab a cuppa (or your beverage of choice), and join us for some laid-back, no-nonsense webinar chat.

What you can expect

In Episode Two we answer:


"Hello marketers. I'm a few days into a new job at a B2B SaaS business and I've been tasked with choosing a webinar platform for 2024.

I've been quoted a mind-boggling 15k for the year with one platform. So I've ruled that out based on cost.


Does anyone have any recommendations on other webinar platforms? Or are the usual suspects the safest bet in terms of value for money and functionality? Any outliers?


Some added info/context: audience size will be 50 or less and I plan to do 1 webinar a month. I don't want to spend more than £2k for the year - (perhaps that's too stingy). Any help appreciated!"


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