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Webinars Unfiltered

Welcome to episode three of Webinars Unfiltered, where we're tackling the difference between live vs simulive webinars.

What you can expect

In Episode Three we answer:


"Live webinars or prerecorded lives?


Hi folks. My clients want to host some virtual town halls, which I consider to be a more sophisticated form of a webinar.


They’re considering various platforms to go live, but I'm worried about potential issues that could disrupt the presentation, like internet problems, malfunctioning slides, or mic issues.


I suggested prerecording everything, editing it into a polished video, and then streaming it live across multiple platforms, allowing for engagement on each platform.


What benefits have you experienced with live presentations?For context, here’s what they’re aiming for: 1 host/moderator, 3 main panelists, and 6 guests."


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