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Webinars Unfiltered

Welcome to Webinars Unfiltered, where we're all about answering YOUR burning questions about online events and webinars, no filters attached. This week, we're taking it back to basics. Whether you're scratching your head about which platform to choose or if live vs pre-recorded is right for you, we're here to spill the beans and get you on the right track. No question is too silly or too complex for us to tackle. So grab a cuppa (or your beverage of choice), and join us for some laid-back, no-nonsense webinar chat.

What you can expect

In Episode One we answer:

  • If you use webinars, do you see your use increasing or decreasing over the next couple years?
  • How often do you publish a webinar?
  • Which is more challenging: the planning before a webinar or the recording of the webinar?
  • What's the #1 specific challenge you face?
  • Are your webinars recorded live with participants or pre-recorded?
  • If live, do you use any interactive features like Q&A, polls or displaying viewer comments?
  • Do your webinars typically include slides?
  • What editing do you do on them afterward? How do you repurpose them?
  • Do you gate your webinars, upload them straight to Youtube, or a combo of both?


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