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Bringing the physical and virtual world together, one event at a time.

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Run your event like normal...

...and reach a global audience.

  • Grow: Combine your conference or event with our seamless digital integration and remove the physical barriers for your attendees.
  • Engage: Bring your virtual and in-person attendees together in a single hybrid environment including Q&A, breakout sessions, networking, and more.
  • Data: Audience insights and actionable data to increase your engagement, maximize your ROI, and build better events.
  • Flexibility: Livestream, on-demand, or simulive. Whatever form your content takes, you can make it available with a WorkCast Hybrid Event.
  • Video and production support: Multiple streaming options, including our ‘plug-and-play’ interactive studio set-up.
  • Bring digital to the physical: Digital-first event experiences that integrate seamlessly with in-person requirements, bringing your conference into a single hybrid experience.
  • Learn: On-call event support, Insite Learning Portal, and Hybrid Events Guide resources.

Our dedicated events livestreaming team has been bringing hybrid events to reality for over 7 years. This isn't new to us, we're the Hybrid Event experts. Talk to us today and see how we can take your events to the next level.

Why Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are more than a traditional webcast. The WorkCast Platform can create an engaging cross-channel experience that will help you extend the reach of your conference, tradeshow, or fair.

Bring your event program into the future.

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Hybrid Events Are The Future

But they're also our past. Our dedicated event-casting team has been bringing hybrid events to reality for over 7 years. This isn't new to us, we're the Hybrid Event experts. 

We are the industry experts.

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What our customers say

We've worked with WorkCast for about 5 years. We work with them because they're professional, they understand the needs of our conference and delegates find the platform very easy to use.

Amy Swain, CBI

WorkCast listened to our needs, they were very accommodating and the reliability of the platform has helped us maintain our client relationships and win new clients.

James Haverson, Bombora

The team were above and beyond phenomenal, assisting me in everything to really build that conference for me. They knew exactly what I needed and wanted.

Ann, CMA