We are committed to telling the stories of the people at WorkCast, from developers to event managers to marketers and beyond. In our latest employee spotlight, we speak to Chris Stout from our technology department. 

Hi Chris, introduce yourself and tell us about your role at WorkCast

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Hi, my name is Chris Stout and I am a Senior Developer. I've been designing and writing software at WorkCast for nearly 7 years now.

Before that I spent more than a decade working near London before moving back to my homeland in the North East of England. I've spent all my working life in software development. I love absolutely anything to do with computers and technology.

Great, can you describe a typical day for you at WorkCast?

My first priority is to get a coffee (which I drink far too much of), I then start the day taking a look through the days' event list and then make my way through any technical support queries that have been passed to the development team.

We have a development scrum at 9:30 am every day where we go through the previous day's progress and current days tasks. The remainder of my day is spent working on development projects which all help to bring new and useful features to the WorkCast platform.

What is your favourite thing about working for WorkCast?

It has to be the staff. We all work so well together as a team. It's a pleasure to come to work every morning. We are all pushing towards a common goal which is to provide the best quality webinar experience possible for our customers. 

Find out more about our team at WorkCast here. 

Now, let's get personal. Describe yourself in 3 words 

Grumpy Old Man (according my wife anyway).

And, finally what's your top three favourite songs?

  • Metallica - "Nothing Else Matters". My wife Jane walked down the aisle to this song so it holds fond memories for me.
  • Iron Maiden - "Hallowed Be Thy Name". Absolute classic. Best band ever. I've seen them live numerous times.
  • AC/DC - "Back in Black". Another absolute classic.

Yes, I like a bit of Rock and Metal. Always have done and I'm too long in the tooth to change now.We're Hiring

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