Creating a positive user experience during your webinar is crucial to generating more leads and increasing your webinar's return on investment.

Your webinar's user experience is made up of all touchpoints and interactions your audience will have with your event. This includes interactions with your promotional content, registration forms, event, and post-event follow-ups. 

Here are five ways you can improve your next webinar's user experience and create a more enjoyable event for everyone who attends.  

1. Choose the Right Webinar Platform 

When choosing a webinar platform one of the most important criteria to consider is whether your attendees will need to download an app, activate a plugin, or overcome another unnecessary barrier in order to access your event on their platform. Creating a positive user experience means eliminating every possible obstacle, extra step, or annoying task . 

Look for cloud-based webinar platforms that provide a seamless experience across all browsers, and are mobile friendly. You will also want to confirm that they use a variable bit rate for their video streaming so that people in areas with slow internet speeds won't have problems streaming your content. 

2. CRM Integrations with Webinars

Building off of our last recommendation, you will want to look for a webinar platform that allows you to integrate the event experience with your website. This not only provides a more consistent brand experience but enhances your data collection and ability to personalize your users' experiences after the event takes place.

If you are able to integrate your event with your CRM you might also be able to pre-populate your webinar's registration form with known contact fields making it a faster and smoother process for your known audience.  

For an example of what a fully-integrated HubSpot event with the WorkCast platform looks like check out our Intro to Webinars event. 

3. Consistency 

There's nothing worse than bad or misleading marketing that doesn't align with the actual event experience. To help create a consistent experience for your audience,  you need to keep your messaging, branding, and even your CTA locations consistent with what people will experience while attending your event.

For example, if your main CTA in your emails, remarketing ads, and other advertisements is blue with rounded corners, you should make your important CTAs during the event blue with round corners too. People will remember colours and shapes better than any written instructions you provide them. The more consistent your design elements, the more intuitive your event experience will be for your audience. 

4. Use Lots of Whitespace

One of the most important design choices you can make to contribute to a positive user experience during your webinar is to use lots of whitespace on your slides and landing page that hosts your event. 

Whitespace helps prevent distractions from your webinar content and allows the user to settle into the space and focus on what your presenters are saying. Whitespace also helps your important CTAs stand out and grab your users' attention.

5. Include Both Verbal and Visual Cues  

When presenting your webinar content, it is important to stay humble and remember that your audience is likely multi-tasking and has multiple tabs open throughout your event. Any time you want your audience to take an action, be sure to include both verbal and visual cues to get their attention. 

You can use this tactic to help your audience find documents in your resource section that they may find helpful or relevant, provide feedback on your event, or sign up for deals, promotions or other benefits that are offered during your event. This helps ensure they maximize the benefits provided during your event and have a better overall experience. 

Putting a little extra care and effort into the experience you provide to your audience will go a long way in creating a positive impression on your audience, increasing the likelihood that your webinar attendees will convert into paying customers. 

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