The UK Webinar Report

At WorkCast, we're always looking to learn from our clients.

While we were researching our ever-growing customer base, we realized something: there is an obvious lack of research out there on the UK webinar market.

We decided to change all that and compiled all of WorkCast’s webinar data and insights to create The UK Webinar Report.

Download The UK Webinar Report for free today to learn:

  • Understand which days UK audiences are most likely to attend online events gain an insight into their viewing habits across the week
  • Discover the need-to-know facts about UK webinar attendance and decipher the real difference between live and on-demand video viewing
  • Learn how long on-demand attendees actually watch an event and when they eventually drop-off or lose interest
  • Determine the average life cycle of your on-demand webinar content and when it's likely to depreciate in value
  • Decipher whether live webinars are more effective at engaging and informing your audience, compared to on-demand online events

We often presume we know exactly what our audiences and customers want, but with WorkCast’s webinar report you can plan your webinar strategy using real data from real people.