We’re next big thing in webinars. Haven’t you heard? I know, I know, we shouldn't boast but let me explain why you should consider using WorkCast for your webinar creation.

Where content marketing strategies are concerned in 2016, running a webinar is just as popular as writing a blog or sending out a mailer. Actually moreso, this year webinars are the Content Marketing Insitutes second most effective marketing tactic.

You may choose webinars for any number of reasons; internal communications, generating more leads for your sales team, increasing your brand awareness, positioning your business as a thought leader in its industry or field, training and delivering CPD content, the list goes on. But what's increasingly clear, is that the marketers who are running webinars have the advantage over those that don't. 

Excuse the #HumbleBrag

So who has? Who has already fallen for our charms? Oh you know, just half of the FTSE top 10, a third of the UK’s Universities, global giants like Sony, Wiley, Incisive Media, Huntsman, Diageo and Sanofi, not forgetting the incredibly innovative SME’s who have used our platform and the advice of our expert team to raise the bar and smash their goals. No biggie though, right?

In the comments section of these pages, I found some wise webinar customers disputing these lists and pointing out that if the tool’s name included the word ‘meeting’, then it should be used for that purpose alone.


Some shared the war stories of the ‘catastrophically bad’ and ‘horrific webinars’ that they’d run using meeting tools and why they’d never risk using one again if their expected audience was more than 5 people. Sadly there were also a handful of people who swore they would never run a webinar again as they aren’t yet past the embarrassment from their last one.

Here's the bit where I talk about WorkCast

Here at WorkCast we are changing your expectation of a webinar platform. We prefer to call ourselves an ‘Online Presentation Platform’, actually, as we think that sums us up a little better. So what does this mean for you?

A fun way of looking at it is to imagine that WorkCast are the Kate Middleton of the webinar world. Polished, robust (all-day sickness was no match for our Kate!), refreshingly down-to-earth and getting better with age. GoToWebinar are Queen Elizabeth; hasn’t changed a bit over the years, but has a good reputation, even if she is eventually coming to the end of her reign. Wills could be ON24, expensive but solid, with good intentions but maybe a little too stalwart. And finally, Charles...Charlie-boy just has to be Webex; exciting in his heyday, but ultimately dated and just a tad boring. I love a good metaphor don't you?

Be More Like Kate


Chances are, you work in or alongside the Marketing team to deliver your webinars, if they are external-facing. We built our platform with this in mind and made sure that your goals would be met, no matter what you are looking to achieve. Let’s see that in more detail:

  • Superior branding and design flexibility for your whole workflow - so your attendees know they are attending your event, not ours. 

What’s more important than your brand when running a communication from your company? Would you send a work email out without a signature? Probably not.

  • The ability to include animations, transitions and embedded screen capture and video natively within Power Point slides. 

You don’t want these things to be a snooze-fest, do you? Keep your audience’s attention by including the jazzy features of Power Point – don’t worry, WorkCast can handle it all!

  • Robust, sleek, secure and mature SAAS platform, meaning no plug-ins or downloads for you or your attendees.

Drive higher attendee conversions by making it as easy as loading a web page. All devices are supported, you just need a good internet connection.

  • The ability to embed into marketing automation tools.

I’m sure you saw our recent cutting-edge addition to our functionality, but if you didn’t, you can read our blog on how to drive more leads with embedded webinars

  • Sophisticated reporting and data presentation.

Often, this is the most important part. You need to know how successful this campaign has been, right? We’ve made it nice and easy to pull your data into pretty chart formats and even integrate into your CRM, meaning even less work for you!

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