Good Content Marketing engages audiences.

When done right, it anticipates, addresses and resolves the needs or worries of your target audience, sometimes before they’ve even realized they have any; especially useful in B2B content marketing.

Many options are open to the Content Marketer but none as directly engaging as the webinar.

Consistently in the top 3 most effective marketing tools, webinars get to the heart of what Content Marketing is all about - building thought leadership, lead generation and maintaining relationships with existing customers.

If you aren’t currently utilizing webinars as part of your Content Marketing maybe it’s time to.


Here are some things to consider:

Lead Generation

Webinars are a great tool for lead generation and stimulating leads in your sales funnel. Webinars allow you to curate a list of genuinely interested leads who care enough about you and what your organisation offer to attend a webinar.

The WorkCast Platform is designed to help you get the most out of the information you get from sign ups and attendees. The rich and interactive nature of a webinar allows you to procure far more information about your leads than other methods.

For example it moves them past Names and Job-Titles and fleshes them out into people with genuine needs, worries and concerns- which you can address. Turning your leads into prospects you can integrate into your CRM or marketing automation platform with confidence.

Immersive Content Delivery

85% of Content Marketers surveyed stated that Webinars were ideal for thought leadership and online lead generation. That’s because webinars are an immersive experience that deliver thought provoking and targeted content right to your attendee’s desk.

Nothing else allows such a focused delivery method. Whilst email marketing is ideal for mass communication, webinars are ideal for mass engagement. This is not only good for your attendees, it’s good for you.

Webinars allow you to demonstrate your content specific expertise as well as find out what your audience is looking for.

In addition to this, webinars allow for real time content delivery; meaning, you can deliver extra content, ebooks, whitepapers etc. straight to your target audience.

Not only do they give you 30-60 minutes of immersive attention, they are more likely to take away, and remember, your content after the event meaning you can move them down the sale process much faster and efficiently than before.



Recorded content has a far-reaching afterlife. It can, as mentioned, be re-consumed On-Demand but it can also provide you, the Content Marketer, with a goldmine of further content inspiration.

You can transcribe your webinar into the bones of an e-book, for example. Or utilise a Q&A session to gather information and topics that are pertinent to your target audience for follow up blogs and whitepapers.

This is really just the beginning of all the ways webinars can help your Content Marketing.

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