When I started my previous job as a Recruitment Consultant, there was no such thing as Social Recruitment.

I remember my Director showing me her hand-written temp log books (pencil and ruler drawn timesheets complete with Tipp-Ex!) and reminiscing about using the Yellow Pages to canvas companies when she started out.

Good times! Well…not exactly.

Thankfully times have moved on.  LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have emerged as ways to find ‘hidden’ and ‘passive’ candidates.

Today, a good Recruiter will use a mixture of these social channels, their agency’s existing candidate database, job boards and candidate referrals, to gain access to that all important piece of Gold Dust, aka a great candidate. 

But, in an age where the term ‘skills shortage’ gets mentioned more times than you’ve had hot dinners, how do you stay ahead of the game and bag those big bucks?

What if there was a way of communicating with prospective clients and winning them over without even leaving the office?

Imagine if you could promise your clients the ability to attract sought-after millennial talent via the medium those candidates prefer?

Imagine having a short, ready-made introduction to your Recruitment Business which also shows how you differ in the market. Imagine having pre-qualified leads to give to your Consultants as a result!

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! 

This is the part where webinars come in to help you in your effort to recruit the right person for the right job.

The Recruitment Webinar: A Recipe For 2016


  1. Take your presentation slides and inject with 1 cup of animations, 2 tbsp transitions and sprinkle lightly with embedded video clips (either straight from your smartphone or something more professionally filmed, from your desktop).
  2. Highlight your unique service offerings and specialists and place them neatly on top.
  3. Bake in oven at gas mark 5 for 20 minutes (or, simply said, just upload your presentation to the WorkCast platform).

The beauty of webinars is that they help you increase the effectiveness of communication. YOU control your content, your message and the more innovative and distinctive your message is, the better! 

Few options enable you to interact simultaneously with a bigger number of individuals and with no geographical boundaries.

A personalized recruitment webinar is one of the best opportunities for making a great first impression. It allows you to demonstrate know-how and establish your professional reputation.

A recruitment webinar will give you the chance to set yourself apart from other experts in the field, as you can demonstrate the value of your offering, plus your expertise and the attractiveness of your brand.

Our existing clients that run hr webinars tell us that the ROI of participating in a webinar is greater than in other branding or recruitment opportunities. 

Once you have your plan and content in place, simply send out your invites (create a branded and exciting registration page) and pull reports on where your attendees are coming from.

Hold your event, safe in the knowledge that WorkCast is robust and reliable, allowing you to simply sail through your sparkling slides.

You have the option of a Q&A, polls and downloadable resources to engage your attendees and get feedback to what clients and candidates want and expect from you.

Finally, send out post-event communications to keep those leads warm and pull a final report showing which attendee did what and how to approach them from now on, giving your consultants a warm call with a great talking point! 

So, what has WorkCast done so far for the world of Recruitment? 

Here are some of the things that we have done in matters of recruitment webinars:

  • Worked with a major job board to host a Virtual Careers Fair on behalf of one of their prestigious employer brands.
  • Worked with a UK and European Agency to deliver a webinar mini-series for the purposes of Thought Leadership and Lead Generation.
  • Worked with a Global Agency to deliver a live Webcast to thousands of attendees who could not attend their conference in person.
  • Worked with a UK agency to deliver weekly internal communication webinars. Also delivered training and on-boarding hr webinars for new Consultants.
  • Worked with a European Start-up Recruitment Agency, specialising in Technology to create fast Brand-Awareness through webinars. (This delivered marketing qualified leads as well as inbound leads from word of mouth!)
  • Worked on a sector-specific candidate attraction webinar series to help find those rare engineers from all the nooks and crannies of the UK.

Our platform and running a recruitment webinar can help you achieve your goals, regardless of your aim.  Keep up with technology and effectively target the people that you are looking to work with and recruit. 

You won’t regret joining the other brave recruits who have dared to try Online Events and are now ahead of the game.

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