Looking back on 2019, it has been a big year for the team at WorkCast. We've hosted nearly 5,000 events on the WorkCast platform, added brand new customer-focused roles to our team, and made countless updates and innovations to our platform to offer clients the most powerful martech webinar platform on the market.

Above everything that Team WorkCast has achieved in 2019, we're most proud of the successes our clients have had and the small part we get to play in helping teams achieve their goals.

To help inspire your 2020 online events, we've put together examples of the top webinars, webcasts and virtual events of the year. Enjoy! 

Best Virtual Event  

You won't have to worry about food, drinks, or restrooms for guests at your virtual event, but you'll need to ensure that your registration pages, event lobby, and each event session is clearly communicated and expertly executed.  Here's a quick look at one of the top virtual events from 2019.


govloop virtual event pages: Webinar Best of 2019 (1)

Webinar Best of 2019 (4)

Webinar Best of 2019 (5)

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Best Webinar Design Examples 

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but we're pretty sure everyone will agree that these design teams did a great job. These webinar registration page examples demonstrate how to balance strong branding while providing an excellent user experience. You'll notice that all of the forms were placed above the fold, they've used interesting visuals, and some included social sharing icons to encourage people to promote the event from the reg page.  

Police Care UK

Best Webinar Design Example: Police Care


Best Webinar Design Example: thoughtonomy

DDM Health

Best Webinar Design Example: DDM Health

Team Favourite From the 2018: UK Sport

WorkCast This Girl Can Webinar Registration Page


Looking for more inspiration, or want to see who was named Best Webinar Design of 2019? Watch our 30-minute Best of 2019 webinar that is now available on-demand.  

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Best Webinar 

We've seen a lot of excellent webinars this year, but the best of the best always meet the following criteria:

  • Excellent audience engagement rates
  • Strong branding and an effective layout
  • Must be a mobile-friendly user experience
  • Have well-prepared and articulate presenters
  • Effectively use tools like screenshares, webcams, and live chats
  • Implement webinar best-practices 
  • 100% response rate to audience questions


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Best Webcast 

When it comes to webcasting, it's all about extending the reach of your physical event and streaming it to a global audience. WorkCast's webcasting team has travelled around the globe to help our clients bring their events to life this year. Here's an example of an excellent of a webcast that took place at the Tobacco Docks in London.

Festival of Marketing 

Best Webcast 2019 - Festival of Marketing

Wherever you pull your event inspiration from, it's important that you keep best practices in mind when overhauling your design, registration page template or other aspects of your event experience. After each change you make, it is important to measure, test, and evaluate your performance. We hope you enjoyed these webinar and online event examples, and look forward to seeing more excellent events in 2020!

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