When your webinars are global, you need a support team that can meet your audience 24 hours a day.

It may seem counterintuitive, as a Communication Technology company, that we have geographically dispersed account managers and support staff. However, it is clear that global organizations need global support to achieve the most from our technology solutions. Compromising on the service we provide our users has never been an option for WorkCast, that’s why we offer 24/5 account management and support.

One size does not fit all

Webinars, webcasts and online events are now common place in the field of communication. Our  customers and partners use this technology to fulfil a huge range of communication requirements.

Whether marketing departments, for content marketing and lead generation purposes, or product teams for training and enablement, or even leadership teams for all hands and corporate communications, they all have a different purpose, a different executive sponsor and different objectives.

It’s these differing requirements that can make a central IT/procurement sourced product difficult to roll out and become adopted.

Large organizations can be fragmented

WorkCast has a wide-ranging client roster and many of these customers are based in different geographies.

Given that the driving force of online events is recognizing a need to reach a large, dispersed audience, the presenters and audiences usually are truly global.

As the Chief Commercial Officer here at WorkCast, one of the things that has always excited me is the opportunity that a large Enterprise has to benefit from technology like ours. We have many leading brands as customers and it becomes clear when we start working together that the initial users of our software are usually just the tip of the iceberg.

It also becomes clear that it takes effort to grow the user base inside a large Corporate and that often means outside of the geography of the existing users.


The Benefit of Global Teams

At WorkCast our success has been built out of a dedication to supporting global customers effectively.

A prime example of this has been in the world of B2B publishing. WorkCast counts many of the world’s leading B2B publishers as its clients. These publishers use webinars and other online events styles through their various publications as a product that can be sponsored to generate leads and raise awareness for the sponsor.

Many of these publishers started out with WorkCast focusing on a single title or a single geography.

Once a client, it soon became very clear that the opportunity for our product to be used across many titles and geographies was there. This had a dual benefit for the companies in question as quite often, different geographies, publications or divisions would either be using different platforms or not selling online events at all. Using WorkCast provided synthesis of output.

By aligning account and support to these organizations globally we started to find, by continued education and enablement sessions, more and more titles started to use the WorkCast platform predominantly.

This was most evident in the US. By opening our account and support operations in Seattle, we have been able to grow the US customer base and users in existing accounts by over 50%. This west coast location gave us coverage both for east and west coast US as well as providing some support for some Asia Pacific time zones.

This dedication to providing the account support our clients deserve is only set to continue in the future, as WorkCast moves towards being a truly superior online event provider.

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