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When it comes to hosting webinars that reach a worldwide audience, having a support team available 24/7 is essential. At WorkCast, a Communication Technology company, we understand the importance of providing global support to help you make the most of our technology solutions. We never compromise on the service we offer our users, which is why we are proud to offer 24/5 account management and support.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Webinars, webcasts, and online events have become a standard communication tool for businesses today. Our valued customers and partners use these technologies to fulfill a wide range of communication requirements. Whether it's marketing departments using webinars for content marketing and lead generation, product teams conducting training and enablement sessions, or leadership teams hosting all-hands meetings and corporate communications, each has different objectives and needs an individual approach.

We Understand the Challenges of Large Organizations

WorkCast serves a diverse range of clients, many of whom are spread across different parts of the world. Recognizing the need to reach a large and dispersed audience, our online events attract presenters and attendees from all corners of the globe. As the Chief Commercial Officer at WorkCast, I have always been excited about the potential for large enterprises to benefit from our technology. We have partnered with numerous leading brands, and it's evident that the initial users of our software are just the tip of the iceberg.

Growing Your User Base Globally

Expanding the usage of our platform within a large corporation often requires efforts beyond the existing user's geography. At WorkCast, we understand the challenges that come with such growth. Our success lies in our dedication to effectively supporting our global customers. One notable example is our work with B2B publishers worldwide. Many leading publishers rely on WorkCast for webinars and online events as sponsored products to generate leads and increase sponsor awareness.

Initially, these publishers started with WorkCast for a single title or in a specific region. However, once they experienced the benefits, it became clear that our platform could be used across multiple titles and geographies. This provided a synthesis of output for the companies involved. By aligning our account and support teams to these organizations globally, we facilitated education and enablement sessions that encouraged more titles to adopt the WorkCast platform as their primary choice.

A Focus on Global Support

In our commitment to delivering the support our clients deserve, we have taken specific measures to cater to the needs of our customers. For instance, we recognized the importance of expanding our presence in the United States. By establishing our account and support operations in Seattle, we have successfully grown our customer base and increased user engagement in existing accounts by over 50%. This West Coast location allows us to provide coverage for both the East and West Coast of the US while also offering support to select Asia Pacific time zones.

Looking to the Future

At WorkCast, we are dedicated to becoming the superior online event provider. We will continue to prioritize the account support and service our clients deserve, ensuring that our technology empowers organizations globally. Trust us to be your reliable partner for hosting webinars that connect and engage your global audience.

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