You can't use the world's greatest webinar platform if you can't find it in your Google search results. That's why we're featuring Siobhan Graham, Digital Marketing Specialist from our Edinburgh office in this month's edition of Employee Spotlight. 


Tell us about what you do at WorkCast?

My role at WorkCast is Digital Marketing Specialist, but my specific remit is content and SEO (search engine optimisation). Much of my job involves copywriting in all its forms - be it landing pages, blog posts, eBooks, webinar scripts, etc - and SEO activities, like health checks, reporting, analysis, technical SEO and optimisation for improved organic performance. 

So, if you were to summarise what my role involves in three words it would be: words, website, Google.

Describe a typical day for you at WorkCast

My days vary from day-to-day at WorkCast, but typically they would involve some form of SEO copywriting, usual health checks using tools like Google Search Console and semRUSH, keyphrase research, keyphrase ranking reporting, working on the site taxonomy, optimising on-page content, conversion rate optimisation and ensuring that everything is technically working as it should on the site.

I spend a lot of time in Google Analytics and HubSpot looking at data, as it’s always the best way to find things to fix or optimise from the data in there. Google Analytics especially can be a bit of a black hole at times, so ye be warned when entering the vast depths of data available in there.

My day is punctuated by 3-4 coffees, which is far too much, but it’s something I am working through, okay?

What's your favorite thing about WorkCast?

My favourite thing about WorkCast is the amount of autonomy I get in my role and how hands-on I can get with the work. I’m the kind of person who likes to get stuck in and get their hands dirty trying something for the first time and I’m able to do this every day. It also helps that I work with a great bunch of folk who share a dry sense of humour and an affinity for cheesy ‘80s bangers.


What advice do you have for somebody who wants to run their first webinar? 

Practice, practice, practice! You may think you have your presentation down pat in your head, but trust me, you’ll want to do a dry run once or twice to make sure it’s slick - especially if you’re running your webinar live. 

Also, use the data you collect to inform your future webinar strategy. Here’s some food for thought: if you let the data lead you, the story will tell itself.

Enough about work, tell us a few things about yourself...

What’s the last song you listened to on repeat and/or most embarrassing song you’re hooked on right now?

Sasha Sloan was my most played artist of 2019, so anything by her. She’s got those Lana Del Rey-esque sad girl vibes I like, so I highly recommend her to anyone who’s a Lana fan. 

I also listen to Lil Nas X ‘Old Town Road’ with Billy Ray Cyrus on the reg., which is a bit of a guilty pleasure. It really gets its hooks in you and once you’re in its clutches, there’s no way out. “Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road..” Give it a listen.

Where's your next vacation going to be and why'd you choose that spot?

I’m going to Paris with my sister for a girls’ weekend at the end of the month. Wine, pastries, art and perfume, that’s why!

Is there anyone that has inspired you recently? If so, who was it?

I think the volunteer firefighters in Australia and anyone who has reached into their pockets to help them out during the bushfire crisis are truly inspiring. The generosity shown by people has been amazing! You can still donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service here if you want to help out the firies in my homeland.

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