We are committed to telling the stories of the people at WorkCast, from developers to event managers to marketers and beyond. In our latest employee spotlight, we speak to Nina Park, who ensures event success for our US clients.   

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Hi Nina, tell us a little bit about yourself

Hey! My name is Nina Park, I am an Event and Support Coordinator at WorkCast based in our Seattle office. I've been at WorkCast for a little over a year now and I assist our clients in running their webinars.

I grew up in Hawaii! (the cooler island, sorry UK team) I miss it dearly and try to go back once a year. I think the thing I miss the most (besides friends and family) is probably the food. There's such a mix of different ethnicity so there's tons of diverse and delicious food readily available! 

Describe a typical day for you at WorkCast

A typical day for me involves monitoring about 2 or 3 live events and checking upcoming events for our managed clients. I also make sure nothing's amiss and reach out to the client in case I see anything that could be improved upon. I want our client's webinars to run as smoothly as possible so I spend time reviewing incase I catch anything that might be a cause for concern, better safe than sorry!

What advice do you have for people who want to run webinars?

Learn to walk before you run! WorkCast has a lot of great features, but you need a good foundation to build upon. Small things like reviewing our Media Upload guidelines to make sure your PowerPoint is optimized can go a long way. We offer a host of training guides on our dedicated learning portal, which is updated regularly to reflect new releases.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love listening in to the different topics that our clients cover! I'll admit that much of the content flies over my head, but many presenters are so knowledgeable that even with no background in the field, I can follow along. One recent example is a presenter who is working to cure cancer and our platform is helping to spread awareness! 

Now to get a bit personal, if you were to pick your last meal on earth, what would it be?

Pho! I love noodles soups, and pho is the perfect blend of fresh, aromatic herbs, meat, and wonderful broth. My culinary white whale right now is trying to make pho broth on my own from scratch. It's so much effort though and can take an entire day!

What are currently watching on Netflix?

Busted! I love Korean variety and game shows; I grew up with them. Busted! collects 7 celebrities from other TV shows and makes them solves mysteries.You get to watch 7 people stumble around to solve an escape room, puzzles, and figure out whodunnit. If you like shows like Critical Role or The Adventure Zone, you'll probably love Busted!

Thanks for chatting to us Nina! Like the sound of #teamworkcast and want to join our team? Check out our careers section.

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