Customer review, after customer review, it's clear that it's the people at WorkCast that make the biggest impact. That’s why we want to shine a light on the amazing people of Team WorkCast - from developers to event managers to marketers and beyond. In our latest employee spotlight, we speak to Chris Hopper, from our Business Development team. 


So Chris, what is your role at WorkCast?
I am a Sales Development Rep on the team at WorkCast. I am responsible for keeping a healthy pipeline of leads, generating meetings with prospects who fit our model and connecting with potential clients either through inbound or outbound. You meet so many amazing people with so many different styles of what they want there webinar to be. It really is the coolest job here.

Describe a typical day for you at WorkCast
A lot of emails, followed by a lot of calls, mixed with a lot of fun. 

I start my day usually around noon - the late start allows me to better service both the UK and US time zones. When I get in I send a lot of emails, either responding to enquiries or prospecting them. Around 2pm, I start making a few calls through to the east coast of America. And then at about 6pm, I catch up with our team in Seattle to update them on any new developments. 

What are 3 words to describe WorkCast?
Fresh. Enjoyable. Valuable. 

What advice do you have for people who want to run webinars? Ask questions. Get as much information as possible; webinars are a powerful tool that can really make an impact to your sales and marketing teams. Many people don't know what questions to ask their supplier, so they don't ask anything at all. Your questions help us understand what your objectives are and helps us recommend a better product or service for you. 

Ok, enough about work. Let's chat about you....

Starting with the basics, what are you currently binge watching?
The Boys is one of the best things I've watched in years. It's on Amazon Prime. Homelander is a fantastic superhero/villain in the series. I think we are all a bit of a superhero and supervillain in our own way.

What's one thing that you couldn't live without? 
Mark Manson's book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***. It's the one book I've read 20-30 times. I read it almost religiously every month. Seriously, there is a reason why this book is placed in the top 10 Audible books, and that is because of fanatics like me. I’m a self-help nut and this book really hits home about all that you need to survive and thrive in life. 

"To be happy we need something to solve. Happiness is therefore a form of action." - Mark Manson


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