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Jul 19, 2023

In today's digital-first world, companies are continuously looking for new ways to engage their audiences, generate leads, and provide amazing customer experiences. One key player that has revolutionized the approach to content management and consumption is obviously Netflix. 

Building on the 'Company Netflix' Model

WorkCast is innovating to meet this demand in the webinar space. Netflix has revolutionized the way live and on-demand content is organized and viewed. Drawing inspiration from this innovative model, WorkCast has created a similar user-friendly, intuitive experience for businesses with webinar content.

WorkCast Webinar Libraries: The 'Company Netflix' Approach to Webinars

The Company Netflix style libraries offer a comprehensive solution to companies looking for a w to host and website friendly, innovative way to showcase their past, upcoming, and future webinars, webcasts and event business videos. The beauty of these Company Netflix solutions is their ability to make content 'evergreen,' meaning it remains relevant and accessible for as long as you need it to be.

Channels & Registration in the Company Netflix Model

Customers using these Company Netflix solutions have many different channels, each with their own access and registration solution, so Businesses can manage access to their corporate content, Marketing, and training separately. Unlike Corporate Netflix, WorkCast takes this model further and also allows Certification for viewing content and even passing tests related to the content.

Similar to the Corporate Netflix experience, WorkCast’s webinar libraries offer advanced features 

Fully Self-Servable: WorkCast gives you complete control over your content. Your team can effortlessly create and add events to your library and decide which webinars to showcase.

Searchable Content: With our advanced filters, your viewers can easily search for content by title or category, providing a smooth, efficient experience akin to searching for a movie on Netflix.

Meta Data and Tags for Simple Indexing: Organize your content with the help of metadata and tags. These allow for a user-friendly indexing process, ensuring your webinars are easily navigable and discoverable.

Splash Images and Layouts: Customizable splash images and layouts add a unique aesthetic appeal to your webinar library, mirroring Netflix’s visually appealing interface.

Embeddable into Your Website: To provide a seamless viewer experience, WorkCast webinar libraries can be embedded directly into your website.

Secure and Open Models: WorkCast ensures the security of your content, while also offering the flexibility of open models that enable easy access for your audience.

Registration Enabled: WorkCast allows for registration per event, helping businesses capture valuable lead information and audience insights.

Multiple Channels with Registration: With WorkCast, you can create multiple channels for your webinar content, all with registration features.


By adopting a 'Company Netflix' model for webinar content provides an unmatched user experience. They provide the perfect solution for businesses aiming to retain ownership of their webinars, generate leads, and offer a superior browsing experience to their viewers.

Taking a leaf from the Corporate Netflix strategy could be your business's game-changer, providing a streamlined, accessible, and enjoyable content experience... get in touch with a product specialist for more insight!

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