We're excited to tell you about a significant milestone in our journey! WorkCast has teamed up with Gateshead Foodbank since September 2023, forming a powerful partnership that goes beyond business. Gateshead Foodbank is an organization dedicated to providing emergency food assistance and support to those facing crises within our local community. It's been a meaningful alliance that we're proud to be a part of!

Who is Gateshead Foodbank?

Gateshead Foodbank stands as a beacon of hope, offering crucial sustenance and support to individuals in need within our community. Their steadfast commitment to addressing food insecurity resonates seamlessly with our corporate values of social responsibility.

The Rationale Behind the Partnership

At WorkCast, we recognize the power of leveraging our resources for the greater good. Our partnership with Gateshead Foodbank is a strategic decision grounded in our commitment to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. We understand the transformative potential of collective efforts in addressing societal challenges, particularly those related to basic needs.

Our Ongoing Initiatives

Constant Food Donation Point

Within our Gateshead office, a dedicated food donation point has been established to facilitate a continuous stream of contributions. This initiative serves as both a tangible expression of our commitment and a means to foster a culture of compassion and collective giving among our team members.

Advent Calendar Drive

November 2023, we initiated a special collection drive for advent calendars. The response from the WorkCast family was truly heartening, resulting in the collection of over 40 advent calendars. This gesture aimed to infuse joy into the lives of those facing challenging circumstances, especially during the holiday season.

Volunteer Mornings at the Warehouse

Beyond monetary and material contributions, WorkCast has actively engaged in on-the-ground support. Two distinct groups of our dedicated volunteers participated in volunteer mornings at the Gateshead Foodbank warehouse, undertaking tasks from sorting and packing to providing essential hands-on assistance.

Celebrating Achievements Together

The tangible impact of our collaborative efforts is reflected in the achievements we've made so far. From the consistent inflow of food donations to the success of our special initiatives, such as the advent calendar drive and volunteer mornings, our collective endeavors have made a discernible difference in the lives of community members facing adversity.

We were thrilled to be featured in Gateshead Foodbank's December newsletter for our initiatives. This recognition is a testament to the meaningful impact our collective efforts have had on the local community, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a cause close to home.

Looking Ahead: Future Plans

Our commitment to Gateshead Foodbank extends beyond the present. WorkCast envisions an expansion of our partnership, exploring innovative avenues to amplify our support and contribute more significantly to Gateshead Foodbank's mission. As we look to the future, our intent is to deepen our involvement and enhance the positive impact on our local community.


Big thanks to every member of the WorkCast family who played a part in this journey – your contributions mean the world! Together, we're a powerhouse, showing that businesses can be a positive force for change. And a special shoutout to Gateshead Foodbank – your existence and unwavering dedication are creating a community where no one has to go hungry. We're truly grateful!

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