5 Ways to Optimise Your Webinar Title

Melissa Hugel
10-Jul-2019 11:55:00

Marketing is becoming an increasingly prevalent part of our everyday lives. Consumers are more aware of marketing tactics through the increasing amount of sponsored social media posts, to the widely popular Netflix documentary: Fyre Festival.

Brands are having to rely on quality content marketing to appeal to consumers more than ever. 84% of people now expect brands to produce content that entertains, provides solutions and produces experiences. 

Perhaps that's because, according to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing can get up to three times more leads than paid search advertising. 

So, given the statistics it appears it's never been a better time to focusing on your content. However, it's a little more complicated than that because in reality, it’s never been easier for content that we release to get lost in the shuffle!

Marketers are responsible for ensuring content stands out and generates quality leads. We know one of the most important elements of capturing attention is through the title of our content. This is especially true for webinars - a great title can be the difference between a well-attended webinar and your event disappearing into the ether. 

We've curated five tips that we follow to help create the perfect title. We have also prepared a handy infographic which we encourage you to download

1. Feature a keyword

Choose a suitable keyword and make sure you feature it new the start of your title. It will help you webinar rank higher on search engines and increase visibility on social media.

If you're looking for a few tips, you can try Google's Keyword Planner, or Answer the Public for ideas of what people are searching for. 


2. Use descriptive language

Be expressive and use evocative terms to help the audience get an idea of not only the subject matter but also the tone of what your presentation will be like. 

There's a difference between Great Tips for Running a Webinar and The Ultimate Webinar Cheat Sheet.

Be creative! 

3. Keep the audience and topic in mind

Your webinar title should reflect both the topic your presenting and the audience you hope to attract. Do you want to appeal to marketers? Or maybe retail consumers are your demo? Make sure your title is relevant to them, while also conveying what the topic is. 

Attendees are more likely to register for events that are tailored to them. 

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4. What are you offering?

People want to know what they are going to get - tangible benefits - out of a webinar. So make sure you describe (briefly!) what you're offering, what they can learn and what your event is all about.

This is where list titles and 'How To' events come in handy. When you sign up for 5 Secrets Every Marketer Should Know About GDPR  you know exactly what you're getting!

Questions are also great for this. 

5. Keep it short and sweet

According to HubSpot, titles with 6-13 words attract the highest and most consistent amount of traffic. This is also applicable to webinars. While there may be a bit more leeway in terms of length, you won't attract attendees with long titles.

Pithy, descriptive language is they here, while also making sure you keep it simple. Don't overthink it and don't get too fancy. If you start to create super long titles, there's a chance your message - and your attendees - will get lost in the process. 

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