Webinar Hacks

Common online event problems and how to fix them.

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You know what's not fun? Webinar technical issues. 

You've put time and effort into setting up your online event. You've prepped to perfection, your promotion results have never been better, and your speakers nailed the last rehearsal.

The go-live day arrives and technology fails you, and your attendees, at the crucial moment. What do you do? 

Our experts Bill and Shauna have got you covered. They share their insights on how you can troubleshoot some of the most common challenges faced by attendees. You will learn:

  • How to put the attendee experience first and make better webinars
  • Common challenges faced by attendees and how to fix them
  • Quick solutions and triage steps to get attendees connected
  • How to identify commonalities quickly - is it an isolated issue or a widescale problem?

Meet Your Presenters

Bill Konesko

Bill Konesko

As the Customer Operations Manager, William (Bill) has helped hundreds of clients across all industries effectively implement their webinar programs. Whether it be a technical question, webinar best practices, or a very specific issue you're experiencing, Bill will have your answer.

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Shauna Reith

Shauna recently joined the WorkCast team and is beyond thrilled to act as an advocate for our customers as the Customer Success Manager for the US. By listening to customer needs and ensuring the highest quality of service, Shauna is excited to help clients meet and exceed their online event goals.