Learn why you should be thinking about video marketing, and how WorkCast can help you.

Online events are a robust and lively marketing tool because they offer you the chance to capture your lead’s undivided (hopefully) attention for at least half an hour.

Even better, your leads are watching you through choice, giving you an un-paralleled opportunity to market the information people want to hear, directly to the people who want to hear it.

Online video consumption has grown exponentially in recent years, and its growth is set to continue in the next two years, with Cisco estimating that by 2017 video will account for 69% of all internet traffic.

It’s obvious that the use of smart phones and tablets, not to mention an increase in 4G coverage has helped this growth, it has recently been reported that mobile device usage has outstripped PC usage. People can now consume video at any time, and in almost any place – providing a way to entertain, check information and work on the go

What does this mean for marketers?

If video isn’t important to you as a marketer, then it should be! A focus on video content is essential if you want to keep up with your competitors. Video is the most engaging content available on the web and is most likely to keep your client’s attention.

These days, people are bombarded with print advertising wherever they go. As a marketer, you need to offer potential clients engaging, easy to digest content that offers real value otherwise they will lose interest and move on to your competitor’s richer, more engaging content.

It should come as no surprise to you then, that over half of marketers expect video to dominate their marketing strategy in the near future.

How does this all fit in with webinars?

We already know that webinars are one of the top 3 most effective marketing tools, but why should your webinars be made up of boring static slides with no video or even animations? We should be creating content that is more exciting for clients that choos to dedicate time to watching our webinars?

But webinar platforms don’t support video… right?

It’s assumed that running webinars and using video doesn’t go hand in hand. You’re advised that your animations must be stripped from your PowerPoint presentations, and that any videos embedded in your PowerPoint slides won’t play. What a travesty!

All of the time and money that your designers have put in to designing a great presentation and filming video clips has gone to waste. Not to mention the fact that your attendees are going to be left with another one of those static presentations…

However, at WorkCast we know that video is the future (and the now!), so we want to embrace this and help you provide the engaging video content that your clients crave.

With the WorkCast platform you can create your PowerPoint presentation with vibrant animations and as many embedded videos as you like and it will remain exactly how you intend.

It’s OK thanks… I can screen share with my current webinar platform!

We’ll forgive you for thinking that screen share is a great way to deliver videos to your audience! After all that’s probably what you’ve been told by your current webinar platform provider – because that’s the only way they can support video content.

At WorkCast we can screen share too - but we’d always advise you against it, just because we’re all about mitigating risk!

Screen sharing is flawed when it comes to delivering an online event for a couple of reasons. Sharing your screen can overload your workstation, and coupling this with trying to stream an event at the same time can cause your event to fail.

It probably goes without saying, but this is not what you want when you’re trying to project a positive image of your brand. Screen sharing is also high risk from a privacy point of view. Unwanted popups, or leaving sensitive information open on your computer can cause embarrassment if your attendees see – and the less said about that, the better!

So what’s stopping you?

With all of this evidence in front of you about the growth of video content, why wouldn’t you use a Webinar platform that can help you deliver it safely and in great quality?

There’s an assumption that creating engaging content is both time consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be either.

Great quality videos can be recorded with your smartphone and uploaded to the WorkCast platform within minutes where they can be edited and then played out to your attendees.

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